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Robson Green's Extreme Fishing Challenge

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Actor and extreme fisherman Robson Green has spent the last four years travelling the globe, catching fish most anglers only dream of. From teeming rivers to raging seas, he's hunted fish with some of the best in the world. Now, in ‘Robson Green's Extreme Fishing Challenge', he must rely on all the skills he has learnt over the years as he pitches himself against fishing champions in an epic journey through the Americas. Battling the best fishermen from the favelas of Rio De Janeiro; going head to head with the nephew of a legendary local shark hunter on the East Coast; competing against a trophy winning Marlin hunter in Mexico; and even facing off against a member of the native Tsimshian people in their ancestral fishing grounds in Alaska, Robson sets out to take on the best and win as he pursues some of the most remarkable fish in the water.