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Ross Kemp Extreme World 3

Ross Kemp Extreme World returns for a fascinating, exciting third season. The award-winning documentary maker covers some of the series' most hard-hitting stories yet. In this season, Ross travels to Mumbai and Calcutta where he investigates India's shameful secret. In Rio de Janeiro, a city trying to clean up its image ahead of the football World Cup and the next Olympic Games, Ross gains access into the secretive underworld of Rio's favelas. In Papua New Guinea, Ross is held at gunpoint, but instead of submitting to his hijackers he manages to turn the situation around and interview his potential captors. Ross delves into the hundreds of miles of storm drains which criss-cross beneath the streets of Las Vegas to report on an invisible subterranean world of homelessness, poverty, prostitution and crime. In Northern Ireland it's been fifteen years since the signing of the Good Friday peace agreement. Ross discovers emotions still run high during one of the most violent summers on Belfast's streets. And finally, in Lebanon, Ross once again dons his flak jacket to reveal a fragile peace being eroded by the war in Syria.