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Ross Kemp on Gangs (Series 4)

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‘Ross Kemp on Gangs’ joins British actor Ross Kemp on his travels to Los Angeles, Bulgaria, Belize and Kenya, securing access to the brutal gangs who terrorise their communities. Follow Ross as he gains exclusive access to the secretive Gypsy gangs in Bulgaria on a candid investigation into the topical subject of teenage gangs. He also travels to the US to meet Los Angeles’ infamous ‘Bloods’ and ‘Crips’. In a 90-minute special, he also visits Kenya to investigate the Mungiki, an outfit labelled as the most dangerous 'gang' in Africa.  Ross gains the trust of this notorious 'gang' and travels to locations out of bounds to most ordinary Kenyans. Follow this nail biting insight into the compelling and sordid activities of some of the planet’s most dangerous gangs. This exposé reveals what makes the world’s most violent gangs tick, and what is being done to control them.