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Scrapheap Challenge 11

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New presenter Dick Strawbridge challenges junkyard geniuses from all over the UK to take him and his team, Dick's Diamonds, on in a brand new series of ‘Scrapheap Challenge'. Each week, three teams battle it out in a sequence of specially designed trials to see who can construct the best junk machine, using only what they can scavenge from the scrapheap. Meanwhile Dick's Diamonds - Strawbridge, resident engineer Jim Milner and guest expert Nikki Woolmore - try to beat their best efforts by building a competing contraption in just a week. This series, the teams face a variety of exciting engineering feats including: building and racing chariots; retrieving bombs in the muddy woods of Beaulieu; crafting machines powered by water propulsion; making giant motorised surfboards that can be steered by weight transfer alone; and constructing medieval siege engines capable of firing a variety of ammunition. The team with the most successful creation advances one step nearer to the ultimate prize - The Scrapheap Challenge Trophy. Who will win this coveted award and be crowned scrapyard champions?