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Brand new to Discovery comes, ‘Scrappers', a reality series about the life and times of three competing scrap metal crews from Brooklyn, New York. Follow the trials and tribulations of Frankie Noots' crew, Sal the Barber's crew and Mimmo and Dino as they turn everyday metal into cold hard cash, whilst trying not to wring each other's necks! Series highlights include; all-out war ensues when Frankie needs cash to buy a scrapyard; Darren has more on his mind than scrap as he gets ready for his wedding - can he survive a brow waxing?; Sal expands his turf to Staten Island but with disastrous results; Frankie finds treasure in a print of a famous painting that could buy him a scrapyard, but will it stand up to a Manhattan art expert?, and Dino and Mimmo enter into the world of the internet when a Web expert puts them online, but their cyber-job is a fiasco.