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Speed Capital of the World: Bonneville

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One hundred and thirty miles from Salt Lake City, USA, there's a vast salt desert - the Bonneville Salt Flats. Each summer during Bonneville Speedweek the vast expanse transforms into the greatest racetrack on the planet. If you can build it - you can race it here. Muscle cars, modified hot rods, and one-of-a-kind bullet shaped streamliners- it is American automotive ingenuity meets a seemingly endless racetrack. We follow six teams including a modified '69 Barracuda, Ohio State's hydrogen powered streamliner, and a motorcyclist recovering from a crash all in their quest for speed immortality. But speed and danger go hand in hand. Scorching heat, raging wind, and slippery salt can bring racers to their knees. Join hundreds of amateur speed demons as they put themselves and their vehicles to the test. Welcome to Bonneville, the speed capital of the world.