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Sport Under Threat

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With the European football championships in Poland and Ukraine and the Olympics in London, 2012 promises to be a major year for sport. Millions of people will flock to experience the exhilaration of these live competitive events and support their national teams. However, as ‘Sport Under Threat' reveals, the anticipation is marred by concerns that a major terrorist threat that could turn a celebration of human achievement into a nightmare. Drawing on archive of examples, from the 1972 Munich Games, to the Volvo Ocean Race 2011/12, this compelling documentary explores the impact of security threats on past sporting events and assesses the possibility of a terrorist outrage at the London 2012 Games. Featuring interviews with members of the International Olympic Committee and security officials, ‘Sport Under Threat' provides a unique and dramatic insight into dangers posed and reveals the significant steps taken by the organisers to keep the Games safe.