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Storage Hunters 5

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A hugely entertaining fly on the wall series which follows auctioneer Sean Kelly, as he sells off the hidden contents of storage units. Many people use these units to house some of their treasured items. But those that fail to pay their rent are in for a nasty shock, as the owners can cut their lock and sell all of their worldly possession to the highest bidder. This is a unique glimpse into the winner-takes-all world of storage unit auctions, where the highest bidder has a shot at making a quick profit. But once the door to the mini-storage unit is opened, prospective buyers can only peer inside from the doorway and decide whether to bid on the entire unit. The series also follows former boxer Brandon Bernier and his wife Lori, some of the fiercest competitors in this high-stakes sales game. With so much cash at stake, it's always a dogfight to the ‘bidder' end.