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Storage Hunters

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Follow lively husband and wife team, Brandon and Lori Bernier as they fight to win the best units at America's most competitive storage auctions in brand new series ‘Storage Hunters'. Many people use these units to house some of their treasured items. But those that fail to pay their rent are in for a nasty shock-the owners can cut their lock and sell all of their worldly possession to the highest bidder. Targeting the best storage units, this fiercely competitive couple go to great lengths to get their hands on what's stashed inside. Basing their bids only on what they can see from the doorway, the Berniers must trust their killer instincts to secure a fast profit. From amazing finds including hidden bundles of cash and thousand dollar chairs, to the dangerous and downright weird, they never know what surprises they might uncover in the dark recesses of a packed unit. Taking on hostile locals and rival bidders for the chance to find out, Brandon and Lori risk their hard earned cash in this winner-takes-all gamble. What hidden treasures will they uncover?