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Submarine Patrol

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Unlike other theatres of war, the world of the submarine has long remained shrouded in mystery. Stealthily navigating vessels that are more complicated than a space shuttle, through watery realms that are less explored than space, the covert missions of the Royal Navy's submarines are kept top secret. Now, for the first time ever, the Royal Navy has allowed unprecedented access to the crew of a British nuclear powered submarine during an active mission. A rare insight into life aboard a submarine, fascinating three-part observational series ‘Submarine Patrol', follows Hunter Killer class HMS Turbulent on her final deployment as she travels from the UK, via the conflict in Libya and the Suez Canal, to the troubled waters of the Middle East. Join the crew as they embark on a ten month journey, isolated underwater in a vessel bristling with hardware but seriously short of space. See how the men pursue personal ambitions and respond to international incidents together and discover what it takes to live with the dangers and demands of this extraordinary job.