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Tallest Tower: Building The Shard

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Filmed over four years, this documentary provides behind-the-scenes access to the incredible architectural journey behind The Shard - the colossal glass skyscraper that has transformed London's skyline. Built against a backdrop of public opposition and one of the worst recessions in history, this feat of engineering in the heart of this iconic capital city will stand at over 1000 feet - the tallest tower in Western Europe. This film lifts the lid on the challenges and achievements of an enormous engineering project in a densely populated area of London. The construction schedule required builders to add a new floor every week, and has used 100,000 tonnes of concrete, 11,468 glass panels, a spire made of 500 tonnes of steel and the UK's tallest crane. Its construction is the dream of property developer Irvine Sellar, a former fashion-store owner, who appointed renowned architect Renzo Piano, who is famous for buildings including the Pompidou Centre and the home of the New York Times.