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Texas Car Wars

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Follow four tough Texan auto shops as they bid on cars at public auctions, hoping to find a diamond in the rough that they can restore and resell for the big bucks in brand new series ‘Texas Car Wars'. With more salvage vehicles in Texas than anywhere else in the world, ‘auto-flipping' in the Lone Star State can be a gold mine for those prepared to take the risk. The stakes are high as the crews go head to head in ferocious, winner-takes-all auction showdowns. The teams only have 10 minutes to do the most basic inspection, but they are not allowed to start the cars, so every bid is a gamble. Will the cars have workable engines? Will the buyers discover a hidden gem? Or will they break down before they even reach the garage? Can they turn these run down motors into flawless classics and still make a profit? Explore the fast-pace world of ‘auto-flipping' and discover how one man's junk can truly become another man's treasure.