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Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman

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Guided by Morgan Freeman, one of Hollywood’s most authoritative figures, and aided by the latest science, THROUGH THE WORMHOLE is an epic quest to solve the deepest problems and uncover the richest possibilities of the universe. The series takes us on a journey that combines dizzying visuals with truly complex questions; questions that humanity has been asking for thousands of years..


Till now these questions have been the domain of religion, philosophy, art and science fiction. They fill movie theaters and have created instant classics like ET, Back to the Future, The Matrix, and War of the Worlds. But now, for the first time, new scientific disciplines like Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Quantum Mechanics, and even String Theory are allowing hard science to get a grip of our deepest, most eternal problems – and they’re starting to deliver extraordinary results.


THROUGH THE WORMHOLE is powerful, core science; the latest theories and evidence comes from leaders in many disciplines. Men and women who are at the forefront of the quest for knowledge. Who are taking us to the edge of the wormhole and looking right through to the other side….