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Toughest Race on Earth with James Cracknell

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New to Discovery World comes ‘Toughest Race on Earth With James Cracknell', as the British Olympian athlete and adventurer, surrenders his body to science, becoming a living, breathing, competing experiment. A team of experts will condition James's body to scientific perfection as he takes on the Marathon des Sables. For a quarter of a century athletes have been converging on the hottest place on Earth to take on a race across the Moroccan desert. This notorious race pushes the toughest athletes to their limits and beyond. Each year 800 runners, from more than 30 nations, compete in the 250km run over sand dunes, salt flats and mountains. During its history two competitors have died and scores more have been injured. James isn't contemplating failure, but in this unique experiment, the scientists will be in the driving seat, controlling the varied factors that determine James' ultimate performance. Will he be able to put his competitive urges to one side and allow the scientists to control his calorie and water intake, his pace and in effect, map out his success or failure? How much does conditioning and acclimation improve athletic performance in these hot environments and how will James react to the results?