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Treasure Quest 2

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Join the Odyssey Marine Exploration team, as they embark on their latest adventure in the brand new second series of ‘Treasure Quest’. After the success of their previous missions, the world’s foremost deep water recovery company set sail on their most audacious treasure salvage operation ever: to locate and salvage three shipwrecks with a combined value of more than one billion US dollars. In their first mission of the season, the crew attempt to recover $200 million in silver bullion from the wreck of the SS Gairsoppa. Operating at a record depth of 15,000 feet, the team must devise a plan to peel back the thick steel decks and retrieve the treasure locked within. Can they crack open the shipwreck or will bad weather and equipment failure keep them from a multi-million dollar payday? The team also attempt to retrieve the lost riches of SS Mantola and one billion dollars in gold from HMS Victory. Can they reach the precious cargo, or will time and the elements thwart their plans?