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Troy may look like an ordinary 24 year old, but he's one of the UK's most impressive magicians. Explore Troy's world and watch in awe as he uses everyday objects and situations to amaze unsuspecting members of the public. In this brand new series, the magician brings his baffling abilities to the streets of London. In Camden, we find Troy in a vintage store handling some very expensive glasses and messing with the mind of a shop assistant. Next, he sees if fortune cookies can tell the future as he makes a Chinese food stall holder choose a cookie to open - with astounding results. In a pub in East London, a group of girls regret giving him their picture when he destroys it, but are staggered by what happens next. And the finales don't disappoint: when a passer-by offers to give Troy £5, he repays him in a way he and other lucky passers-by will never forget. With his distinctive blend of close-up magic and spectacular stunts, Troy will make jaws drop as he shakes up the magic world.