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Wheeler Dealers 9

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Rolling back onto Discovery Channel this month are veteran car dealer Mike Brewer and ace mechanic Edd China. Motor mad Mike will be searching far and wide, travelling around the UK, USA and Europe in his quest to find iconic vehicles that expert mechanic Edd can transform from rust bucket to dream machine, before Mike sets about selling them on for a tidy profit. This season of Wheeler Dealers sees Mike does his own 'Italian Job' as he travels to Trieste to buy a stunning early sports car, the Fiat Dino. Back on UK turf, he searches for the most British of sports cars, the Morgan, as well as scoring one of the cheapest BMW M5's in the country. He also heads to France to hunt down one of the rarest cars he's ever bought, the classic Renault Alpine 310. With each bargain Mike finds, Edd has to deal with the consequences... Many of these buys are cheap for a reason and leave Edd often having to fix cars with little to no budget or the car won't make a profit. Tensions and comic atmosphere run high as these two big characters take on new challenges as they bring some spectacular old classics back to life.