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Auction Kings 3

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Business is booming in Atlanta's Gallery 63, one of America's most storied auction houses. Owner Paul Brown and his crew delve into a world of unique treasures and oddball items and this season, in addition to his office manager Cindy, in-house picker Jon and handyman Delfino, Paul has brought in two new pickers and a new appraiser. Steve and Ernie Garrett are two offbeat pickers from Michigan with a penchant for unusual items and fierce negotiating skills. Jamie Breese is a cheeky authenticator from London with broad expertise in antiques and a style all his own. Together, this team of auction aces brings buyer and seller together for what they hope will be a perfect mix of profit and passion. This season, the crew auctions off an iron maiden, a John Wayne Commemorative gun collection, a gas-powered blender, an 18th c. ship's cannon, a king's diamond and gold bracelet, two boxing legends' autographed gloves, a uniform from a sci-fi classic franchise, and more.