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Photo for A Haunting 2

A Haunting 2

‘A Haunting’ returns, chronicling the terrifying true stories of the paranormal. Told by those who have experienced real-life horror tales, the series reveals some of the scariest stories in America. Travel and Living viewers will explore a world in which tragedy, suicide and murder have left psychic impressions so powe…

Photo for A Place In The Sun

A Place In The Sun

Uncertain property prices at home and the gloomy grey weather has led many prospective British buyers to seek their dream home overseas.

Photo for Anthony Bourdain : No Reservations 3

Anthony Bourdain : No Reservations 3

Anthony Bourdain returns to Discovery Travel & Living with the third season of 'Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations' continuing his worldwide search for unique local cuisine and culture. In the most fascinating series yet, Bourdain is back to his old tricks, travelling across the globe with his authentic, peculiar, raw an…

Photo for Auction Kings 2

Auction Kings 2

With their auction house overflowing with new treasures and new customers, Paul Brown the crew at Gallery 63 return for the second series of ‘Auction Kings'.

Photo for Auction Kings 3

Auction Kings 3

Business is booming in Atlanta's Gallery 63, one of America's most storied auction houses.


Photo for Beach House Down Under

Beach House Down Under

Travel and Living bring viewers the fascinating show ‘Beach House Down Under.' Join host Peter Colquhoun as he takes you inside some of Australia’s most exclusive and original beach houses.

Photo for Bizarre Food

Bizarre Food

Info to follow

Photo for Bizarre Foods 3

Bizarre Foods 3

The third series of ‘Bizarre Foods’ sees host Andrew Zimmern continuing in his quest to find the world’s most unusual delicacies. He visits various restaurants and markets in different cities taking viewers behind the scenes to savour the local flavours of each country.

Photo for Bizarre Foods 4

Bizarre Foods 4

Chef, writer and culinary explorer Andrew Zimmern is back for another season of exotic food adventures. ‘Bizarre Foods’ sees host Andrew continuing in his quest to find the world’s most unusual delicacies.

Photo for Body Works

Body Works

‘Body Works’ is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at a thriving plastic surgery clinic. Travel and Living follows medical artists through every moment of their day from the relationships with their families and co-workers to the emotional counselling that they give to their apprehensive patients. Witness the non-sto…

Photo for Brew Masters

Brew Masters

Join host and founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, Sam Calagione, in new series ‘Brew Masters'. An exciting new series that follows Sam and his partners as they travel across America and around the globe, in search of the most exotic ingredients to produce new brews.

No Image Available

Build a New Life in the Country 4

‘Build a New Life in the Country’ focuses on those who want to leave their old lives behind for a new beginning in the countryside. However, not only do these people want to move house - they want to create an ideal dream home from their own designs by modernising an older property.


Photo for Cake Boss

Cake Boss

'Cake Boss' chronicles Buddy Valastro's over-arching desire to achieve his late father's dream of making 'Carlo's Bake Shop' a household name.

Photo for Cake Boss 2

Cake Boss 2

Buddy Valastro is one of the most successful and renowned cake artists in America. He is the boss of ‘Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop’ in Hoboken, New Jersey and supervises a team that includes his mother, four older sisters and three brothers-in-law. Returning for a second series ‘Cake Boss’ chronicles Buddy's over-arching…

Photo for Carson Nation

Carson Nation

With the toss of a dart on a map, and an airstream in tow, Carson Kressley embarks on his quest to makeover America one town at time in the uplifting and heart-warming "make-better" show, ‘Carson Nation'.

Photo for Chic Eats

Chic Eats

‘Chic Eats’ reveals everything you ever wanted to know about the world of food. Hungry viewers will learn about the latest food trends, tastiest ingredients, new kitchen gadgets and the must-visit food destinations.

Photo for Cocktail Kings

Cocktail Kings

Professional cocktail makers, Colin Asare-Appiah and Dimitri Lezinska, travel to a variety of exciting cities around the world to uncover the style and passion behind some of the most popular cocktails.

Photo for Construction Intervention

Construction Intervention

‘Construction Intervention' follows Charlie Frattini and his team of builders as they tackle real life property improvement nightmares.

No Image Available

Cookabout Canada With Greg and Max

This exciting series follows flamboyant chefs Greg and Max as they travel around Canada in search of first-class food.


Photo for Date My House

Date My House

In “Date my House” former The Bachelor star Bob Guiney applies the principles of dating in an attempt to attract buyers to a house. Who is in the market for a long term commitment?

Photo for Dead Tenants

Dead Tenants

Description to come.

Photo for Dream Homes

Dream Homes

We all dream of building our own home. In this fascinating 15-part series, presenter Oliver Heath, one of Britain's most innovative and well-respected interior designers, helps the people who are doing more than just dreaming – they’re getting on with it! This is an inspiring property development series with amazing hum…

Photo for Dream Homes 2

Dream Homes 2

‘Dream Homes’ returns for a second series. Watch as host Oliver Heath follows the progress of people who are fulfilling their dreams by building their own home.


Photo for Embarrassing Illnesses

Embarrassing Illnesses

There is a long list of embarrassing health problems that afflict people in the UK in their millions, yet most people won't discuss them because they are just too embarrassing.

Photo for Embarrassing Teenage Bodies

Embarrassing Teenage Bodies

Many teenagers avoid going to the doctor because they are just too embarrassed to share their health concerns. However in this series of 'Embarrassing Bodies Teenagers' a team of medical experts are offering their help in an attempt to uncover the issues and help ease their pain.

Photo for Epic


Explores the most expensive, excessive and outrageous extravagances people are willing to fork over their life-savings for.

Photo for Europe's Richest People

Europe's Richest People

When it comes to living the high life, Europe’s super-rich set the standard.


Photo for Fantasy Homes in the City

Fantasy Homes in the City

Property experts Catherine Gee and Alistair Appleton meet home-buyers hunting for the ultimate in urban living in ‘Fantasy Homes in the City'.

Photo for Flip that House 3

Flip that House 3

The third series of this reality show explores the latest trend in house renovation known as ‘house flipping.' Each episode follows the transformation of a different house, with the owners eager to resell it and make a profit.

Photo for Free Love In PRL

Free Love In PRL

PRL większości z nas kojarzy się z szarzyzną i niekończącymi się kolejkami w sklepach. Czy w tak trudnych czasach ktoś jeszcze myślał o miłości? Fascynująca seria Wolna miłość w PRL pokaże nam, jak młodzi ludzie rozwijali swą seksualną świadomość w komunistycznej rzeczywistości. O swoich doświadczeniach związanych z mił…


Photo for Go West

Go West

Description to come

Photo for Grand Designs

Grand Designs

In the series ‘Grand Designs’, host Kevin McCloud meets ordinary people who are trying to build their uniquely styled dream home. Viewers will get the chance to have an in-depth look at the process of ambitious design projects, from the initial intricacies of blueprints to the long and often arduous task of turning thos…

Photo for Grand Designs Abroad

Grand Designs Abroad

In the series, ‘Grand Designs Abroad,’ host Kevin McCloud meets people who not only have ambitious house builds on their mind, but they are travelling to a different country to do it. Following on from the successful UK series, showcasing ordinary people trying to build their uniquely styled dream home, it journeys to t…

Photo for The Grape Escape

The Grape Escape

The Grape Escape follows the journey in wine that Tony Hindhaugh takes as he leaves his wife and four young children behind in Newcastle, England and heads to the sun of Cape Town, South Africa.


Photo for Heston's Feast

Heston's Feast

Throw away your cook books and prepare for a food adventure like no other as gastronomic adventurer Heston Blumenthal sets out to recreate famous period dishes for the ultimate 21st century banquet. In ‘Heston's Feasts', the award winning chef heads back in time to find out if the future of food lies in the recipes of th

Photo for House Wreck Rescue

House Wreck Rescue

House Wreck Rescue

Photo for Huge Moves 4

Huge Moves 4

Packing up and moving house can indeed be stressful, but imagine moving the entire building - including the brick walls and the furniture - all in one piece! In this dramatic series, Discovery Channel invites you to follow transport adventures across land, sea and through the air as we move monstrous structures never me…


Photo for I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

The compelling documentary series, ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant’ explores the fascinating phenomenon of women completely unaware of their pregnancies. From the bathroom floor to a bridal shower turned baby shower, viewers will meet the women and their ‘surprise children’ as they explain how they didn't know they were p…

Photo for I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant 2

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant 2

The compelling second series of ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant’ reveals more remarkable stories of women who conceive and carry their babies all the way to delivery - whilst never knowing they were pregnant. With 10 new episodes, you will be amazed and intrigued as they share their experiences about how they received the…


Photo for Joan Cusack's Local Flavour

Joan Cusack's Local Flavour

‘Joan Cusack’s Local Flavour’ follows the American Actress as she visits family run food businesses across Europe.

Photo for Jon & Kate Plus 8 - Season 3

Jon & Kate Plus 8 - Season 3

‘Jon and Kate Plus Eight’ returns to Travel and Living for a third time. With a brood of eight children, consisting of sextuplets and twins, the Gosselins are hardly your typical American family. Jon and Kate are the ambitious parents of this adorable bunch and they are battling all odds to make sure their children have…

Photo for Jon & Kate Plus 8 - Season 5

Jon & Kate Plus 8 - Season 5

‘Jon and Kate Plus Eight’ returns for a fifth time. With a brood of eight children, consisting of sextuplets and twins, the Gosselins lead a fast-paced lifestyle with their unique family.


Photo for Kate Her Story

Kate Her Story

Kate Gosselin from the successful series ‘Jon & Kate plus 8’ is ready to tell all in ‘Kate: Her Story’.


Photo for LA Ink

LA Ink

For centuries the tattoo industry has been dominated by men. In this new series 'LA Ink', the glass ceiling is shattered as three of the most respected female tattoo artists, along with one legendary male artist, come together to work at the newest and hottest tattoo shop in LA.

Photo for LA Ink 2

LA Ink 2

Discovery Travel and Living returns to

Photo for The Layover with Anthony Bourdain

The Layover with Anthony Bourdain

Celebrity Chef and intrepid traveler Anthony Bourdain has travelled to all corners of the globe. So, in his new series The Layover he attempts to take a fresh look at some of the most famous cities in the World.

Photo for Little People Big World

Little People Big World

Little People Matt and Amy Roloff may only be four feet tall, but they are determined to make the world their own. Raising four children - a mixture of little and average size-siblings aged 6 to 14, the Roloffs are struggling under emotional and financial burdens.

Photo for Little People Big World 4

Little People Big World 4

Reality show Little People, Big World returns for an eagerly awaited fourth series. The show follows the lives of 1.2 metres tall Matt and Amy Roloff and their four children, who are a mixture of little and average-sized in height. In this new series, Matt travels to Iraq to help a family with three dwarf children in d…

Photo for Little People, Big World 5

Little People, Big World 5

The Roloff family is back with their new adventures in ‘Little People, Big World 5.’ Matt and Amy Roloff are 1.2 metres tall and have four children Zach, Jeremy, Molly and Jacob.


Photo for Miami Ink

Miami Ink

No description

Photo for Miami Ink 3

Miami Ink 3

South Beaches’ most talented tattooists are back and up to their old tricks as the infamous tattoo parlour opens its doors for a third series.

Photo for Mission Menu

Mission Menu

Prepare for plenty of delicious drama as three of the most accomplished executive chefs in the world combine their skills to makeover menus for restaurants in and around New York City in brand new series ‘Mission Menu’.

Photo for Monster House

Monster House

‘Monster House’ returns, taking themes to the extreme as a selection of homeowners have their properties completely transformed.

Photo for My Greek Kitchen

My Greek Kitchen

The second series of ‘My Greek Kitchen’ sees chef Tonia Buxton continue on her culinary and cultural tour of the Greek Mediterranean region.


Photo for Old Wardrobe

Old Wardrobe

Usiądź wygodnie w fotelu i odpręż się. Jak się ubierasz? Jak ubierali się twoi rodzice? Czy pamiętasz modę z lat PRL? Co się wtedy nosiło? Na ulicy wszyscy wyglądali jak szara masa? Dwójka prowadzących, modelka i prezenter telewizyjny wprowadzą cię w świat mody tamtych lat. Filmowy cykl o modzie w latach 50, 60, …

Photo for On The Case With Paula Zahn

On The Case With Paula Zahn

'On the Case with Paula Zahn' is a gripping new series that explores shocking police investigations to reveal the motivation of the men and women responsible for these crimes.

Photo for Other People's Houses

Other People's Houses

Travel and Living invites you to watch ‘Other People's Houses’; a home makeover show which uses both the advice of an architectural expert and looks at other people's homes as a guideline for how and how not to decorate a home. Each week, expert Naomi Cleaver visits a house preparing for a makeover, and while offering h…


Photo for Paralyzed And Pregnant

Paralyzed And Pregnant

‘Paralysed and Pregnant’ follows the story of Michelle Carston - who has lost the use of all her limbs as the result of a serious injury to her spinal cord. Over time, she has slowly managed to regain some movement in her shoulders and arms, as well as partial feeling in her body below the neck. Both Michelle and her hu…

Photo for Police Women of Broward County

Police Women of Broward County

description to come

Photo for Property Ladder

Property Ladder

The ‘Property Ladder’ series travels to the USA and follows the trials and tribulations of ordinary people attempting to renovate properties and re-sell them for a lucrative profit. With the help of experts, first time developers risk it all as they buy, renovate and sell property. Watch as host Kirsten Kemp helps a wom…


Photo for Ralph Lauren Car Collection

Ralph Lauren Car Collection

There is no car collection like it in the world – 36 cars; 36 different designs; 36 amazing stories. The collection’s combined estimated value is in the hundreds of millions of dollars and they are all owned by one man – designer, creator, maverick and corporate giant, Ralph Lauren. From his 1938 Alpha Romeo Mille Migli…

Photo for Ramsay's Best Restaurant

Ramsay's Best Restaurant

British Michelin star Chef, Gordon Ramsay returns with a new series where he puts chefs' skills to the test before crowning the best of the best in ‘Ramsay's Best Restaurant'.

No Image Available

Real ER: The Bronx

‘Real ER: The Bronx’ is an in-depth documentary exploring the lives of a team of emergency room doctors in one of New York City's busiest hospitals: St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx. The action never stops as doctors race against time treating one life-threatening condition after another.

Photo for The Real Life Thumbelina

The Real Life Thumbelina

‘Real Life Thumbelina’ is the story of two year old Kenadie Jourdin, a girl who weighs just four pounds and is only 61 centimetres long. Kenadie has been diagnosed as a primordial dwarf – an extremely rare type of dwarfism - and she is one of only 30 in the world. Doctors cannot explain why she is so l…

No Image Available

The Real Swiss Family Robinson

Four families have decided to rise to the challenge of a lifetime. Struggling financially and having lost sight of the important things in life, they have left it all behind to try out desert island living.

Photo for Relocation Phil Down Under

Relocation Phil Down Under

In ‘Relocation Phil Down Under’ British property expert Phil Spencer goes in search of ideal homes for families relocating to Australia.

Photo for Restorer Guy

Restorer Guy

Travel and Living invites you to watch as host Gable Painter brings new life to old structures in ‘Restorer Guy.’ Based in Richmond, Virginia, the meticulous and passionate home restoration expert and his team are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

Photo for Rich Bride Poor Bride

Rich Bride Poor Bride

Description to come


Photo for Salvage Hunters 2

Salvage Hunters 2

Modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard continues to scour the architectural backwaters of Britain for derelict gems and forgotten remnants to repair and restore in brand new second series of ‘Salvage Hunters’.

Photo for Salvages Hunters 3

Salvages Hunters 3

Modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard is one of Britain's leading salvage dealers. Back for a new series ofSalvage Hunters, he continues to scour the country for weird and wonderful objects.

Photo for Sarah palin's Alaska

Sarah palin's Alaska

Sarah Palin's Alaska is a new documentary series that takes viewers into the country's ‘final frontier' through the eyes of one of its most famous citizens - Sarah Palin.

Photo for Say Yes to the Dress

Say Yes to the Dress

Say Yes to the Dress reveals the inner workings of the world’s premier bridal salon, Kleinfeld Bridal. Part fashion show, part bridal story, part family therapy, we uncover the hurdles every staff member faces to make each bride completely satisfied.

Photo for Say Yes To The Dress 4

Say Yes To The Dress 4

‘Say Yes to the Dress 4’ returns to premier bridal salon Kleinfeld Bridal, revealing how the expert team endeavour to satisfy each bride-to-be.

Photo for Secret Dealers 2

Secret Dealers 2

Join host Kate Bliss as, ‘Secret Dealers' returns for a second series, in which homeowners have to choose between sentimental attachment and big money offers for their most treasured possessions.

Photo for Selling Houses Abroad

Selling Houses Abroad

In this popular series property expert Andrew Winter goes on an international rescue mission across Europe to help Brits who are having major problems selling their foreign properties. In the first episode Andrew tackles a problematic home in the Pyrenees mountains that has been on the market for almost a year. With And…

Photo for Spring Restore Season

Spring Restore Season

Discovery Travel and Living will host a month of programmes devoted to all kinds of building and restoration projects as part of the ‘Spring Restore' season.

Photo for Steve Irwin - sein letzter Film

Steve Irwin - sein letzter Film

"Ocean's Deadliest" sollte Steve Irwins neue Dokumentation heißen. Dafür war er am Batt Reef vor der abgelegenen Küste des australischen Bundesstaates Queensland getaucht. ANIMAL PLANET hat den berühmten Dokumentarfilmer auf seiner letzten Reise begleitet.

Photo for Sync or Swim

Sync or Swim

'Sync or Swim' is a fascinating series that features a number of dance and musical challenges from around the world. Host Jamie Aditya has just one week to learn a piece of indigenous music or dance until he is put to the test in front of a live audience.


Photo for Take Home Handyman

Take Home Handyman

'Take Home Handyman' gives viewers much needed tips on how to complete difficult home improvement projects that can often go untouched for years. In each episode, carpenter, craftsman and all-round handyman Andrew Dan-Jumbo chooses a lucky homeowner who needs assistance with a remodelling project and commits to helping …

Photo for Take Home Nanny

Take Home Nanny

‘Take home Nanny’ follows Nanny Emma Jenner as she brings a fresh new approach to raising children and maintaining family harmony. Each week, Nanny Emma will work with a family with out-of-control kids.

Photo for Toolbelt Diva

Toolbelt Diva

‘Toolbelt Diva’ encourages women to gain confidence with power tools and learn how to finish those challenging jobs around the house.

Photo for Trading Spaces 8

Trading Spaces 8

Hosted by Paige Davis, Trading Spaces sees two parties who are each given US$1,000, a professional designer, a carpenter and only 48 hours to redo a room of their choice. But there's a catch - they must switch houses and they'll have no say in how their own room will look.

No Image Available

Trauma IV: Life in the ER

‘Trauma IV: Life in the ER’ explores what life is like in an emergency room. Viewers will travel to different hospitals located throughout the United States and learn about the trials and tribulations associated with emergency medicine.

Photo for Trauma VI

Trauma VI

This series explores what life is like in an emergency room – as Discovery Travel and Living journeys to different ERs located throughout the United States to witness the trials and tribulations associated with emergency medicine

Photo for Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told

In this captivating documentary series, ‘Truth Be Told’ delves into the lives of people who face day-to-day challenges coping with various illnesses, addictions and afflictions. Each episode highlights a specific topic, from struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder to coping with embarrassing medical conditions. To…


Photo for Ultimate Cake Off

Ultimate Cake Off

Watch as some of the greatest cake artists in the world go head to head in competition to build a delicious masterpiece in ‘Ultimate Cake Off.’

Photo for Ultimate Cake Off (series 2)

Ultimate Cake Off (series 2)

The ‘Ultimate Cake Off' returns for another delicious series with host, George Duran, as a new team of cake artists go head to head in competition to build the ultimate cake. Each week, three renowned cake decorators lead their teams to build the most daring of cakes.


Photo for Verminators


Go behind the scenes of the pest control industry with Discovery Channel's entertaining new series ‘Verminators'. This gripping six part series follows the employees of the Los Angeles, USA, based pest control company Isotech watch as they rid homes and businesses of vermin.


Photo for What Not To Wear 6

What Not To Wear 6

Returning for a sixth series, ‘What Not to Wear’ continues to provide a life-changing fashion makeover for people nominated by their friends and family.

Photo for What Not To Wear 7

What Not To Wear 7

The much loved 'What Not to Wear', returns for an entertaining seventh series. Style experts Stacey London and Clinton Kelly are back once again to fight more crimes against fashion.

Photo for While You Were Out

While You Were Out

‘While You Were Out' is the show that knows that everyone has a dream project for his or her home and that most of these dream projects never get done.

No Image Available

World's Richest People

If you have ever wondered what your life might be like if you had countless wealth then watch the 'World's Richest People' - offering an exclusive look into the lives of 32 multi-millionaires and billionaires who have made that incredible dream a reality.

Photo for World's Weirdest Restaurants

World's Weirdest Restaurants

In this fascinating new series, culinary adventurer Bob Blumer sets out in search of the ‘World's Weirdest Restaurants'. Part travel, part food, this show is Bob's tribute to fellow food lovers who have taken their passions to the extreme.

Photo for Worst Cooks In America

Worst Cooks In America

In ‘Worst Cooks in America', Chefs Anne Burrell and Beau MacMillan each take on a team of six hopeless home cooks and try to transform them from kitchen zeros into kitchen heroes in only 10 days.


Photo for Zoogeflüster


Diese ANIMAL PLANET-Serie berichtet von den wunderbaren Erfolgen eines neuen Zooprojektes. Die Kamera ist hautnah dabei, wenn in der Klinik die Notfälle eintreffen oder aber im Frühjahr die Neugeborenen das Licht der Welt erblicken. Eine spannende Serie über die aufregende Arbeit der Tierärzte und -pfleger in einem Tier…