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Date My House

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In “Date my House” former The Bachelor star Bob Guiney applies the principles of dating in an attempt to attract buyers to a house. Who is in the market for a long term commitment? In each episode, Bob meets a homeowner who is desperate to sell their current house. With the help of design expert Nadia Geller and a special team, Bob will use the latest décor and staging techniques to get the house ready for a special viewing. Once the makeover is complete, potential buyers will be given the opportunity to become more familiar with the newly redecorated house. What would it be like to live and entertain in the new home? Try before you buy – either through a quiet night in or a dinner party with family and friends – all in the comfort of the potential new home. But will it be love at first sight? Each episode will conclude with the buyers deciding whether or not the shiny new home is right for them or not.