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The Grape Escape

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It's the challenge of a lifetime- one man's dream to buy and transform a vineyard in the southern most point of Africa and produce a world-renowned wine. The Grape Escape follows the journey in wine that Tony Hindhaugh takes as he leaves his wife and four young children behind in Newcastle, England and heads to the sun of Cape Town, South Africa. This series of ten stunning half hour programmes sees Tony as he stretches his finances to buy a vineyard, as he struggles to employ the best people, as he tracks down the insider knowledge and as he works day and night to produce a cracking vintage. The Grape Escape is a series stuffed full of amazing facts about wine, that shows all the delights of this corner of Africa and reveals the unfolding drama of one man as he pursues his lifelong dream. We see Tony's highs and lows, but will we see him succeed?