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LA Ink 2

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Discovery Travel and Living returns to Los Angles, California, USA, where Kat Von D has come to fulfil her dream of opening up her own tattoo parlour. The news has spread and celebrities, rising starlets, punk rockers, musicians and tattoo collectors alike are lining up for some of Kat's famous black and grey ink. The shop's growing, and keeping it running smoothly has everyone stressed out.  Kat needs more help, but struggles with whether to hire another friend as manager. Rock star Dave Navarro visits Kat for a pinup style portrait memorializing his mother. Kim helps Jeremy overcome a near death experience. Carin has Corey freehand a family totem up her back. Luchador, Shamu Jr. sees Hannah for a piece representing his wrestling career and Mexican heritage.  And the shop is rattled by a major earthquake.