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Little People Big World

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Little People Matt and Amy Roloff may only be four feet tall, but they are determined to make the world their own. Raising four children - a mixture of little and average size-siblings aged 6 to 14, the Roloffs are struggling under emotional and financial burdens. As for the kids, they play with wild abandon on the Roloff's lush 12 hectares of farmland in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, USA. The eldest children - twins Jeremy and Zach -- are in stark contrast to each other: Jeremy is average height while Zach is a little person. See Amy as she counsels Zach when he is shaken when a stranger calls him a midget or witness the family outing the the ‘Little people of America' conference where Zach overcomes his shyness. This heart-warming series follows these little people as they take on the stresses and strains the big world.