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Miami Ink 3

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South Beaches’ most talented tattooists are back and up to their old tricks as the infamous tattoo parlour opens its doors for a third series. The shop's doing better than ever and there's no telling where the crew at Miami Ink will take it next. Kat and the shop have parted ways, but the guys haven't missed a beat. The search is on for the perfect replacement and Tasi Lyn, Miss D'Jo and Virginia are the first to test the waters. Old friends like Joe Capobianco and Tim Hendricks stop by to help out the team. Ami and Nunez juggle responsibilities of the booming business at the shop and new bar, while all the artists deal with the challenges of growing up: partying less, working more, taking care of loved ones, and having families. These tattoo artists are rebels at heart chasing fun and adventure, as life continues to bring unexpected challenges.