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Ralph Lauren Car Collection

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There is no car collection like it in the world - 36 cars; 36 different designs; 36 amazing stories. The collection's combined estimated value is in the hundreds of millions of dollars and they are all owned by one man - designer, creator, maverick and corporate giant, Ralph Lauren. From his 1938 Alpha Romeo Mille Miglia, to his 1962 Ferrari GTO, to his $4 million orange McLaren F1 LM - one of only three in the world - for the first time ever, Ralph Lauren has decided to share his car collection with the world. During this special, viewers meet Paul Russell, Ralph Lauren's restoration expert responsible for transforming each of his car purchases back to their absolute original look. Ralph himself gives viewers a tour of his car garages in Montuak - the most spectacular being the Ferrari garage, which houses 12 red Ferraris.