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Salvage Hunters 2

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Modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard continues to scour the architectural backwaters of Britain for derelict gems and forgotten remnants to repair and restore in brand new second series of ‘Salvage Hunters'. With demanding customers, high turnover, and one of the biggest decorative salvage yards in the UK, Drew is constantly on the road, crisscrossing the country to find interesting and unusual pieces, while, back at the shop, his professional team of restorers knuckle down to give these old and rare finds a brand new lease of life. This series, join Drew and his new sidekick Tee as they barter with a baronet at one of Scotland's grandest estates, go behind the scenes at a wildlife park and trawl through storage trailers at a fairground museum. They also visit an antique dealer whose impressive stock includes a lovely lamp with a lot of potential, and uncover a wonderful array of strange salvage and quirky antiques including vintage skateboards and surfboards in the South West of England. Can they negotiate a good deal for these unlikely treasures?