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Secret Dealers 2

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Join host Kate Bliss as, ‘Secret Dealers' returns for a second series, in which homeowners have to choose between sentimental attachment and big money offers for their most treasured possessions. Antique dealers are given access to all areas of ordinary homes, whilst the owners are away. They can look in every room and rummage through every drawer and cupboard as they try to find the best antiques and valuables and make competitive secret cash bids on anything and everything they want to buy, from gold rings to dining tables, from silver to the car in the garage! When the homeowners return, they discover how much cash is on offer and they meet the Secret Dealers. Now they have to decide what they want to sell, what they want to keep and whether they can force the dealers to outbid each other. With plenty of cash on offer in every show, how much of the Secret Dealers money will the homeowners walk away with?