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Trading Spaces 8

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Hosted by Paige Davis, Trading Spaces sees two parties who are each given US$1,000, a professional designer, a carpenter and only 48 hours to redo a room of their choice. But there's a catch - they must switch houses and they'll have no say in how their own room will look.

In this new season, traders will be connected in more meaningful ways - they won't just be neighbors; but bosses versus their assistants, ex-wives and their ex-husbands, and even girls on rival cheerleading squads!

Before work begins, traders write down how they'd like to redo each other's rooms; the designers receive these comments along with pictures and room measurements; then, as soon as they switch house keys, the teams roll up their sleeves and get to work. After two days of grueling work, the rooms are totally transformed. Each team returns to their own home to see what's become of their room. But the real question is, how will they react to what they see?

The twists and turns are unforgettable as the TRADING SPACES team scouts and schemes to help pull off makeover challenges.