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Extreme Loggers

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For more than a hundred years, generations of men have been making a living doing one of the most dangerous jobs in history: logging. With yearly fatality rates over 21 times higher than the rate for all other professions combined in the US, it takes a unique brand of character to succeed in this profession: rugged, tough, and determined. ‘Extreme Loggers', follows several different types of loggers, from logging companies whose families have been in the business for years, to major corporations who have managed to streamline the logging process but have been unsuccessful in curbing the dangers involved. Join these loggers as they have to tackle various trials and tribulations from monster-sized timber that can only be hauled one way-by an equally monster-sized helicopter to dealing with the tricky terrain of swamp-land. This fascinating series chronicles the amazing tales of these rugged men as they retrieve lumber from some of the most dangerous and inaccessible terrain known to man.