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Photo for 2012 Apocalypse

2012 Apocalypse

Doomsday fanatics believe that a lost civilization predicted our fate more than 1,000 years ago - that the world will come to an end on 21st December 2012. They claim that fire will pour down from the skies and the oceans will rise up and swallow the land. They are adamant destruction on this date is certain, and eviden…


Photo for Against the Elements

Against the Elements

‘Against the Elements’ reveals the science behind the most heart-stopping natural disasters ever captured on camera.

Photo for American Chopper 6

American Chopper 6

American Chopper returns on Discovery Channel, riding strong in its sixth season. The series follows the action at Orange County Choppers (OCC), the world-famous custom motorcycle family business run by Paul Teutul Sr. and his fiery sons, Paul Teutul Jr. and Mikey. Watch their dramatic relationships unfold before your e…


Photo for Behind bars

Behind bars

'Behind Bars' explores the uncompromising reality of prison life. Through unrestricted access to the cell blocks of some of the highest level security prisons, each hour-long episode captures a world where every day constitutes a fight for survival. On the surface, prison life is built upon order and discipline. The pr…

Photo for Brainiac 6

Brainiac 6

Fast-paced, fun-packed series combining entertainment and science in a new ground-breaking format that proves science really can be fun!

Photo for Breaking Point

Breaking Point

What is the 'Breaking Point' of a fuel truck? This is one of the questions facing the breaking point team as they investigate the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of different objects. Led by a theoretical engineer and a hands-on mechanic, items including an armoured truck and a house are subject to a barrage of …


Photo for Chop Shop 2

Chop Shop 2

'Return to the Garage for the Second series of ‘Chop Shop’. This series joins, Bernie and Leepu a they create cars for the stars as they undertake celebrity commissions for some well-known faces in entertainment and sport.

Photo for Cook County Jail

Cook County Jail

For the first time, Cook County Jail opens its doors to reveal the violent and unpredictable world of prison life. Just miles from the centre of Chicago, the complex houses nearly 10,000 inmates and is located in a neighbourhood famous for its gangs. Although some of the criminals are accused of terrible and shocking c…

Photo for Cosmic Collisions

Cosmic Collisions

‘Cosmic Collisions' investigates Earth, cosmic galaxies and the solar system. Right now, massive meteors and asteroids are orbiting dangerously close to Earth.

Photo for Crashes That Changed Flying

Crashes That Changed Flying

‘Crashes that Changed Flying’ takes viewers through some of the world's worst air accidents and the measures taken to make flying one of the safest forms of travel. Ripped fuselages, exploding fuel tanks, runway overruns, and more have inspired the technological breakthroughs that will help keep your next flight safe. F…


Photo for Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch

No description

Photo for Deadliest Catch 4

Deadliest Catch 4

The fourth series of ‘Deadliest Catch’ takes viewers deep into the Bering Sea with seven crab fishing vessels and their crews through two of the toughest fishing seasons in the world: Red King Crab and Opilio Crab. Rough waves and fierce weather make the Bering Sea a difficult and dangerous place to do business. For the…

Photo for Deadliest Catch 5

Deadliest Catch 5

The seas are rougher, the stakes are higher and the intensity has never been stronger as Discovery Channel’s ‘Deadliest Catch’ returns for a fifth series. At the Dutch Harbor, Alaska, Captains Sig Hansen, Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, Phil Harris and Keith Colburn are all back for another season of crab fishing, but st…

Photo for Deadliest Catch 6

Deadliest Catch 6

‘Deadliest Catch’ returns to our screens for a stormy sixth series. Five skippers and their crews revisit the unforgiving Bering Sea to continue the hunt for king crab.

Photo for Destroyed In Seconds

Destroyed In Seconds

Discovery Channel invites you to watch ‘Destroyed In Seconds’, bringing viewers the most shocking catastrophes ever captured on film. From implosions and explosions, to tornados and hurricanes, to crashing trains and dilapidated skyscrapers, prepare to be amazed by these incredible spectacles of destruction. Showcasing …

Photo for Destroyed In Seconds 2

Destroyed In Seconds 2

Discovery Channel invites you to watch ‘Destroyed In seconds,’ bringing viewers the most shocking destructions ever captured on film. Witness the implosions, explosions, and devastation of tornados, hurricanes, crashing trains, dilapidated skyscrapers and more. Prepare to be amazed by these incredible spectacles of dest…

Photo for Dirty Jobs

Dirty Jobs

No description

Photo for Dirty Jobs 2

Dirty Jobs 2

'Dirty Jobs' combines the fine art of digging up dirt to harvest organic potatoes, the skill of sifting through turkey dung for use in mulch and the science behind studying owl vomit to protect an endangered species. Because only one show is daring enough to try it - join Discovery to watch the all-new outrageous second…

Photo for Discoverung Ardi

Discoverung Ardi

The world premiere of ‘Discovering Ardi’ documents the incredible discovery of ‘Ardi’ - the female Ethiopian skeleton that has shed a new light on the origin of human evolution. At 4.4 million years old, ‘Ardi’ belonged to the species Ardipithecus Ramidus and was found in Ethiopia's Afar Region in the Middle Awash study…


Photo for Engineering Earthquakes

Engineering Earthquakes

Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Volcanoes are some of the most powerful phenomena know to man. Volcanoes can kill thousands, destroy entire cities and have the power to change the global climate. Powerful hurricanes can be hundreds of kilometres wide with winds reaching speeds of 140 kilometres per hour and earthquakes can …

Photo for Everest: Beyond the Limit

Everest: Beyond the Limit

In 2006, Discovery Channel documented one expedition group’s Mount Everest summit attempt from start to finish. Using high-tech filming techniques, this six-part production captures the amazing journey of people striving to reach the highest of all goals. 'Everest: Beyond The Limit' documents the grueling attempt to re…

Photo for Extreme Engineering 5

Extreme Engineering 5

Passionate about engineering, keen architect Danny Forster returns to Discovery for a fifth series. Watch as he gets up close and personal with mega-construction, investigating the design of various extreme structures around the world. In each exciting episode, he travels to a different location, gets hands-on with each…

Photo for Extreme Explosions

Extreme Explosions

Follow explosives experts Dr. Braden Lusk and Dr. Paul Worsey as they get a backstage pass to the world’s biggest and toughest demolition blasts. From urban skyscrapers to massive steel bridges

Photo for Extreme Loggers

Extreme Loggers

For more than a hundred years, generations of men have been making a living doing one of the most dangerous jobs in history: logging.

Photo for Eyewitness to Disaster

Eyewitness to Disaster

These days when disaster strikes anywhere in the world, there’s usually someone there filming it.


Photo for Fifth Gear Europe

Fifth Gear Europe

Featuring the very best car stories from across the continent, familiar Fifth Gear faces Tom Ford and Jonny Smith will be joined by a host of respected European journalists and racing drivers.

Photo for Final 24 2

Final 24 2

‘Final 24’, now in it's second series, is a compelling documentary series unlocking the hidden secrets, psychological flaws and events that result in the tragic deaths of global icons. Every episode maps out the final 24 hours of a different famous person’s life. The series weaves the star’s back-story with events from …


Photo for Heart of the Machine

Heart of the Machine

‘Heart of The Machine’ is a fascinating new series that plunges straight to the action, exploring each revolutionary machine and it’s innermost workings deconstructing the technology involved and literally lay its critical components bare.

Photo for The Heist

The Heist

This fast-paced, documentary series charts four of the greatest bank robberies, diamond heists, and casino jobs of all time.

Photo for How Do They Do It 6

How Do They Do It 6

‘How Do They Do It?’ returns to Discovery for a sixth series with a behind-the-scenes look at how a variety of ordinary objects are made. The comfort of our modern lives relies on the problem-solving genius of engineers and the vision of industrial designers who constantly strive for improvement. ‘How Do They Do It?’ pu…

Photo for How Does It Work

How Does It Work

We hear about new technology everyday, we see it all around us, and we use it homes and offices – but how does it work?

Photo for How Does It Work 2

How Does It Work 2

‘How Does It Work’ returns to the Discovery channel for a second series, and is an informative and engaging look at the inner workings of common place objects, such as sewing machines, light bulbs and hair dryers. This fascinating series presents four objects in each episode and uses 3D computer animation to help bring …

Photo for How Football Is Made

How Football Is Made

'How Football is Made' aims to explore the science behind the sport widely considered to be the most popular in the world.

Photo for How it's Made 13

How it's Made 13

Discovery Channel presents the thirteenth series of 'How It's Made'. More everyday items are explored as they are placed under the microscope and viewers will learn exactly how they are made. Items featured include: hammers, ballpoint pens, felt and knives all of which play a common and sometimes essential role in our …

Photo for How It's Made 16

How It's Made 16

Discovery Channel presents the sixteenth series of the ever-popular series ‘How It's Made'. More everyday items are explored as they are placed under the microscope and viewers will learn exactly how they are made.

Photo for How Stuff's Made 4

How Stuff's Made 4

‘How Stuff’s Made’ takes an in-depth look at the manufacturing process of everyday products. Venture inside some of the most innovative factories to learn more about the stories of product design and marvel at production volume and efficiency. Viewers will also witness how complex machinery has helped to solve the engin…


Photo for I Escaped Death

I Escaped Death

‘I Escaped Death’ explores several true stories about people who have been trapped or held captive and how they managed to break free.

Photo for Inside The Aryan Brotherhood

Inside The Aryan Brotherhood

Formed in the 1980s, the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is one of America's fastest growing and most violent white supremacist gangs. Consisting of 5,000 members both in and outside of prison, they adhere to Nazi ideologies and are notorious for killings and kidnappings. For the first time, they have allowed cameras to acce…

Photo for Is It Possible?

Is It Possible?

‘Is It Possible?' is a brand new series that travels the globe to bring you the most incredible stories, using sophisticated tools and top field experts to reveal some of the world's most incredible people, creatures and inventions.

Photo for Is It True ?

Is It True ?

Host Chuck Nice teams up with the world's leading digital forensics expert, Hany Farid, to reveal the shocking truth behind some of the most amazing images on the Internet. Whether it is swimming with dozens of hungry sharks to prove the validity of some popular shark jumping photos, or trekking deep into the Everglade…


Photo for James May's Man Lab

James May's Man Lab

In ‘James May's Man Lab', presenter James May is on a mission to save modern man. Thirty years ago men were a resourceful, practical and dependable band of brothers.


Photo for LA Ink

LA Ink

Kat Von D has returned home to Los Angeles to open her own tattoo parlour. The news has spread and celebrities, musicians and tattoo collectors alike are lining up for some of Kat's famous ink, each with a different reason for wanting a tattoo. However with popularity comes hard work and the pressure to succeed. Follow…

Photo for Last Man Standing 2

Last Man Standing 2

Having taken six young western men to the brink of their endurance, ‘Last Man Standing’ returns for a second series with a new cast of athletic men and challenges to face.


Photo for Macintyre: Worlds Toughest Towns

Macintyre: Worlds Toughest Towns

In ‘Macintyre: World's Toughest Towns’, investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre brings his unique and gripping insight into the dangerous underworld of some of the world’s most well-known and notorious destinations. From race riots in Paris, drug trafficking in Istanbul to kidnappings in Mexico City, this exciting new se…

Photo for Mega Builders 4

Mega Builders 4

Discovery Channel invites you to watch the new series of Mega Builders featuring the largest diesel engine ever assembled, the biggest privately funded project in the US and the worlds largest oil rig ever constructed in Norway. The construction of the world’s largest container ship is where the biggest diesel engine ca…

Photo for Miami Ink 3

Miami Ink 3

South Beaches’ most talented tattooists are back and up to their old tricks as the infamous tattoo parlour opens its doors for a third series. The shop i+s doing better than ever and there is no telling where the crew at Miami Ink will take it next. The search is on for the perfect replacement for Kat. Old friends Joe …

Photo for Miami Swat

Miami Swat

‘Miami Swat' is an exciting documentary series, giving viewers frontline access to the Miami Special Response Team (SRT).

Photo for Moments Of Terror

Moments Of Terror

'Moments of Terror' will have you on the edge of your seat as you witness some of life's most frightening moments. Meet the individuals who have experienced situations that have put their lives in at risk - but have been lucky enough to survive and tell the tale. From devastating tornadoes and deadly snake bites, to fai…

Photo for Monsters Inside Me

Monsters Inside Me

‘Monsters Inside Me' documents what happens when humans fall prey to some of the most horrifying creatures on the planet - parasites.

Photo for Mythbusters 6

Mythbusters 6

Can sneezing with your eyes open pop out your eyeballs? Could cigarette butts be a lethal weapon when fired out a gun? Will a bull let loose in a china shop break all the china? Is it possible to breathe under water using air from a car tyre? Join Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman as they debunk, decode and demystify pop cu…

Photo for Mythbusters 7

Mythbusters 7

Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, along with their team including Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara, combine scientific methods with their own curiosity to create a unique style of experimentation.


Photo for One Way Out

One Way Out

The science of escape and the art of ingenuity gets put to the test as escapologist Jonathan Goodwin attempts to break out of bizarre and dangerous homemade contraptions in Discovery Channel’s ‘One way Out’.


Photo for Rampage!


‘Rampage!’ takes an extreme look at what happens when people, machines and nature take a dramatic turn for the worse. Viewers will see remarkable events and stunning destruction firsthand, including crowds exploding into riot and nature wreaking havoc on innocent, unsuspecting towns. Watch trains, planes and automobiles…

Photo for Real Emergency Calls

Real Emergency Calls

‘Real Emergency Calls’ takes a look inside an emergency service centre located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in America. The team of operators that work there receive three million emergency calls annually and with lives literally on the line, it is their job to co-ordinate police, emergency and fire-fighter teams with …

Photo for Real Emergency calls 2

Real Emergency calls 2

information to com

Photo for Revealed: Dream City of the Future

Revealed: Dream City of the Future

'Revealed: Dream City of the Future' looks at one of the world's most ambitious infrastructure projects which may become the greatest urbanization experiment on earth.

Photo for Ross Kemp: Battle For The Amazon

Ross Kemp: Battle For The Amazon

‘Ross Kemp: Battle for the Amazon' is a two-part documentary looking into the socio-economic and environmental pressures facing the Amazon regions of Brazil, Ecuador and Peru exploring the legacy of devastation created by a burgeoning global desire for energy, food and mineral resources.

Photo for Ross Kemp: Middle East

Ross Kemp: Middle East

In ‘Ross Kemp: Middle East' actor turned investigative-reporter Ross Kemp travels to the heart of one the most complex battle grounds in the world, meeting militants and ordinary citizens on both sides of the Arab Israeli conflict.


Photo for Sci-Trek


Boldly going where no science series has gone before, ‘Sci-Trek’ will take viewers to worlds they have only imagined. From the threats of microbes to mining colonies on the Moon, this series will unravel scientific mysteries and provide a glimpse into the hi-tech future. Find out if ancient fault lines could really bri…

Photo for Science Of The Movies

Science Of The Movies

'Science of the Movies' invites you on an incredible journey exploring the scientific world that exists behind the movie screen. Enthusiastic host and self-proclaimed ‘movie geek’, Nar Williams, meets the visionary artists, investigates the innovative technology and discovers the remarkable techniques responsible for cr…

Photo for Secrets Of Interrogation

Secrets Of Interrogation

‘Secrets of Interrogation’ is a fascinating programme that uncovers the powerful techniques detectives use to persuade guilty offenders to confess. When tried and tested means such as DNA tests and circumstantial evidence fail, confronting a suspect face-to-face might be the only chance police have to reveal the truth a…

Photo for Space Pioneer

Space Pioneer

‘Space Pioneer' is a fascinating series where physicist and host Dr. Basil Singer eagerly plays the role of human guinea pig in his quest to find answers.

Photo for Stephen Hawking's Universe

Stephen Hawking's Universe

The World’s most famous living scientise, Professor Stephen Hawking explores the splendour and majesty of the stars and planets, galaxies and supernovae that shape and populate the cosmos.

Photo for Storm Chasers

Storm Chasers

No description

Photo for Storm Chasers 3

Storm Chasers 3

Get a front row seat to nature’s fury in the heart of ‘Tornado Alley’ as ‘Storm Chasers’ returns for an eagerly awaited new series. Join scientists, researchers and weather enthusiasts as they set off in pursuit of the ultimate tornado footage. Reed Timmer and his team return with their newly armored chase vehicle "Th…

Photo for Street Customs 2008

Street Customs 2008

‘Street Customs 2008’ highlights the talents of car-customising expert Ryan Friedlinghaus and his unconventional approach to managing his West Coast Customs team of artisans and technicians.

Photo for Street Customs Berlin

Street Customs Berlin

'Street Customs Berlin' is a new and exciting car-customising series that follows the king of custom cars, Ryan Friedlinghaus, as he tries to conquer Europe.

No Image Available

Swords 2

‘Swords 2' returns to North America's Atlantic coast where forty-five-foot vessels contend with fifty-foot waves and volatile summer hurricanes in pursuit of highly prized migratory swordfish.

Photo for Swords: Life On The Line

Swords: Life On The Line

'Swords: Life on the Line' enters the high-risk world of New England's long line fishermen who put their lives on the line to catch valuable swordfish in some of the world’s most dangerous waters. Following four boats - The Eagle Eye II, Big Eye, Seahawk and Frances Anne – witness the physically and mentally exhausting…


Photo for Through The Wormhole

Through The Wormhole

Academy Award®-winning actor and space enthusiast Morgan Freeman executive produces, hosts and narrates ‘Through the Wormhole' an exploration of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

Photo for Time Warp 2

Time Warp 2

‘Time Warp’ returns to Discovery Channel for a second series, as the team continue to change the lens of time to make the invisible become visible and reveal our world in more astonishing and spectacular ways. Join Jeff Lieberman and Matt Kearney as they capture stunning action on high-tech, super slow-motion cameras. T…

Photo for Top Gear 10

Top Gear 10

Discovery Channel revs up as the ‘Top Gear’ experts bring viewers up to speed with the most current information in the motoring world. The eighth series features both tough and exciting challenges that only the show’s three daring presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May would attempt to take on. Watch …

Photo for Top Gear 11

Top Gear 11

description to come

Photo for Top Gear 2

Top Gear 2

Discovery Channel revs up as the ‘Top Gear’ experts provide viewers with the most current information in the motoring world. The second series features both tough and exciting challenges that only the show’s three daring presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May would take on. Watch as the team attempt t…

Photo for Top Gear 5

Top Gear 5

Top Gears’ experts make a welcome return providing viewers with their unique take on the motoring world. The fifth series is full of stunts, challenges and special features, undertaken by presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Watch as the Vauxhall Monaro VXR and the Chrysler 300C take on the Jaguar …

Photo for Top Gear 9

Top Gear 9

‘Top Gear’ is back for a ninth series, with a fully mended Richard Hammond returning following his serious accident. Presenter James May drives the Bugatti Veyron as fast as possible, and the team take the latest Audi, Mazda and Alfa Romeo coupés to Scotland to test which is best. Then Richard and James embark on an Ame…


Photo for Ultimate Survival

Ultimate Survival

British mountaineer and adventurist Bear Grylls travels the globe, revealing fundamental survival skills needed to endure some of the most extreme places on earth, from the European Alps to Utah’s Mohab Desert. 'Ultimate Survival' sees Bear putting himself through conditions unimaginable to the average man, risking his …

Photo for Ultimate Survival 2

Ultimate Survival 2

No description

Photo for Ultimate Survival 4

Ultimate Survival 4

Bear Grylls begins the new series of ‘Ultimate Survival’ in the woods of Alabama. Dropped by a helicopter at the top of a 220 metre canyon, he climbs down an enormous tree to reach a white-water river. Building a raft out of flood debris, he travels down the rapids before capsizing at the top of a perilous waterfall. In…


Photo for Venom Hunter

Venom Hunter

In ‘Venom Hunter', leading expert in venom, herpetologist Donald Schultz is heading to locations around the world in search of biological specimens for vital research and potential new scientific discoveries.


Photo for Whale Wars

Whale Wars

Highlighting both the controversial whaling trade and the tactics that Sea Shepherd and its staff and volunteers use to attempt to cripple it, Whale Wars documents the group’s three-month sojourn across the icy Antarctic waters at the far end of the globe.

Photo for World's Toughest Tools

World's Toughest Tools

This exciting series brings you the world's biggest and toughest tools like you have never seen them before. Massive, magnificent and worth millions they can rip through steel buildings, plow through entire mountains and crush and devour vehicles. Each episode explores the use of these massive machines through the eyes …

No Image Available

Wrecks to Riches

'Wrecks To Riches' is a make-over series with a difference: Barry White is a restoration angel and his speciality is transforming classic car wrecks back to their former glory. Barry White’s Speed Shop has just four weeks to turn each dilapidated car into cash.


Photo for X-machines


‘X-Machines’ takes a look at the largest and most technologically advanced machines from around the world. Visually stunning, the series shows how machines work and documents both the ingenuity of the project management teams and the skills of those who operate them. Witness the world’s highest-flying lift helicopter on…