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Heart of the Machine

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‘Heart of The Machine' is a fascinating new series that plunges straight to the action, exploring each revolutionary machine and it's innermost workings deconstructing the technology involved and literally lay its critical components bare. It will demystify the most impressive and most advanced machines around - and show us just how they manage to do the amazing things they do. Meet the people who engineer them, drive them, and watch them in action as they perform to their maximum. Find out what makes the Abrams M1 tank tick; meet the people who build them, the soldiers who depend on them, and discover the armour, mobility, and firepower that make this 70 ton beast the most dangerous vehicle on the battlefield. Enter the ‘Heart of the Machine' as this ground breaking series reveals all about today's most fascinating, complex and spectacular machines in an unashamed celebration of the technology that drives our modern world.