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Mega Builders 4

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Discovery Channel invites you to watch the new series of Mega Builders featuring the largest diesel engine ever assembled, the biggest privately funded project in the US and the worlds largest oil rig ever constructed in Norway. The construction of the world's largest container ship is where the biggest diesel engine can be found, but this is just one component in a project that is four football fields long and is pushed through the water by a 120-ton propeller. MGM's new mini-city is in the heart of Las Vegas and the most expensive private project in the world. It will include a 4000 room casino hotel, plus two other hotels, a massive shopping mall and a further two housing skyscrapers. The 71,000-ton oil rig is going to be the largest ever constructed, but engineers are not satisfied with just one, they are building two of these monsters back-to-back. These are just some of the incredible projects showcased in this amazing new series.