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Beast Tracker

Premieres from Wednesday 8th July, 9pm

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New to Animal Planet this summer, BEAST TRACKER follows Dr. Andrew West and his co-hunter Renee as they hunt legendary, but seemingly real beasts on US mainland. Dr West sets his sights on one of America's apex predators, a cold-blooded killer that in some years claims more lives in the USA than sharks. During his investigation he comes face to face with the creature that once nearly bit his head off, meets victims that have survived attacks, and even dives into a frenzy of feeding sharks, to try to attach a satellite tag. Dr West is also after the biggest and most notorious invasive species on the planet, the Burmese python. Plunged in at the deep end, Dr West wrangles his first ever snake - 8-foot of muscle with a personality disorder. Dr West's mission is simple; he wants to discover what the Burmese python is doing in Florida and find out if they're here to stay.