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Photo for Alaska Bush People

Alaska Bush People

info to follow

Photo for Alaska Dogs

Alaska Dogs

Dogs are crucial to life in Alaska. With unquestioning loyalty they have helped their masters survive and prosper in the Last Frontier for countless generations. They have more than proved their worth through the years - herding, racing, hauling, hunting, rescuing and protecting.

Photo for Alaskan Monsters 2

Alaskan Monsters 2

program info to follow

No Image Available

Alaskan Moose Men

It’s a moose mania in Alaska, home to over 100, 000 moose. Sadly these precious creatures are in jeopardy of becoming extinct; with over 1,000 moose dying each year.

Photo for America's Cutest Pets 5

America's Cutest Pets 5

From talking kitties and slumbering cats to dancing dogs and dogs that doze, we count down the cutest clips in the web-o-sphere to crown America's Cutest Cat and America's Cutest Dog. With viral videos of the craziest and quirkiest cats a mere mouse-click away, Animal Planet settles the cuteness debate by counting down

Photo for American Dreamland

American Dreamland

program info to follow

Photo for Animal Cops Houston 19

Animal Cops Houston 19

For creatures great and small, the team that make up the ‘Animal Cops Houston’ task force are the knights in shining armour.

Photo for Animal Nation With Anthony Anderson

Animal Nation With Anthony Anderson

Emmy-nominated actor and comedian, Anthony Anderson, is the host of ANIMAL NATION WITH ANTHONY ANDERSON, an all-new weekly talk show dedicated to anyone who loves animals. From viral animal video highlights to the most buzzed about animal-related news of the week, this show celebrates the many sides of animals...

Photo for Attack Of The Killer Dragons

Attack Of The Killer Dragons

program info to follow

Photo for Austin Steven's Most Dangerous

Austin Steven's Most Dangerous

Animal Planet viewers are invited to join intrepid wildlife photographer and adventurer Austin Stevens, as he takes on some of the most dangerous animals on the planet.


Photo for Baboons With Bill Bailey

Baboons With Bill Bailey

Baboons With Bill Bailey

Photo for Bad Dog

Bad Dog

Find out just how far some animals can push their owners and still retain their affections as entertaining six-part series Bad Dog continues to travel the globe in search of the naughtiest pets on the planet!

Photo for Bear Woman

Bear Woman

Ann Bryant is on a one-woman mission to save Lake Tahoe's black bears from their biggest threat: people.

Photo for Beast Tracker

Beast Tracker

New to Animal Planet this summer, BEAST TRACKER follows Dr. Andrew West and his co-hunter Renee as they hunt legendary, but seemingly real beasts on US mainland. Dr West sets his sights on one of America's apex predators, a cold-blooded killer that in some years claims more lives in the USA than sharks. During his invest

Photo for Big Cat Doctor

Big Cat Doctor

Big Cat Doctor

Photo for Bondi Vet 4

Bondi Vet 4

Featuring Sydney Veterinarians, Dr. Chris Brown and Dr. Lisa Chimes, observational documentary Bondi Vet is set against the breathtaking backdrop of one of Australia's most famous landmarks, Bondi Beach.

Photo for Bondi Vet 7

Bondi Vet 7

programme info to follow

Photo for Bondi Vet 7B

Bondi Vet 7B

program info to follow

Photo for Bondi Vet 8B

Bondi Vet 8B

Program info coming soon.

Photo for The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo

Program info coming soon.


Photo for Cannibal In The Jungle

Cannibal In The Jungle

program info to follow

Photo for Catfishin' Kings

Catfishin' Kings

Catfishin' Kings, hosted by Texas native Brady Knowlton, is a brand new series, following a local folk hero who legalised the adrenaline-fueled sport of noddling - catfish fishing with bare hands.

Photo for Cats 101

Cats 101

Cats 101 is a visual encyclopaedia of cat breeds celebrating a variety of fascinating facts surrounding these furry creatures. Using experts, cat owners and narration, the series focuses on the characteristics that make each feline unique.

Photo for Cats of Claw Hill

Cats of Claw Hill

Ever wondered what your feline friends get up to when you are not at home? Cats of Claw Hill offers an unprecedented insight into the secret lives of the domestic cat. Brand new to Animal Planet, this unique series exposes the murder, mayhem and feline scandal hidden from the human eye.

Photo for Charles & Jessica

Charles & Jessica

Brand new three-part series ‘Charles & Jessica’ details the lives of two very special chimps, who were maltreated by their owner and found in a state of neglect at a private zoo.

Photo for Cheetah Race To Rule

Cheetah Race To Rule

info to follow

Photo for Chris Humfry's Wildlife

Chris Humfry's Wildlife

Meet Chris Humpfrey, a zoologist who lives in an idyllic bush haven in Victoria, Australia with his young family, their dog - oh, and around 2000 other pets.

Photo for Clinically Wild

Clinically Wild

Clinically Wild is an intriguing docu-soap that tells the fascinating stories of both the staff and animal patients at a 24-hour emergency pet clinic in the wildest part of the United States, Alaska. When the last great American wilderness is your back yard, the animals that frolic in it can become your responsibility.

Photo for Corwin's Quest

Corwin's Quest

‘Corwin's Quest' follows Jeff Corwin as he embarks on his mission to travel the world and experience first-hand the remarkable abilities of a variety of wild animals.


Photo for Dark Side Of The Ocean

Dark Side Of The Ocean

Programme Info to follow

Photo for Dogs 101 Series 4

Dogs 101 Series 4

Dogs 101 Series 4

Photo for Dogs 101: New Tricks

Dogs 101: New Tricks

DOGS 101: NEW TRICKS is a visual encyclopaedia of dog breeds celebrating a variety of fascinating facts surrounding man's best friend.

Photo for Dr Dee: Alaska Vet 2

Dr Dee: Alaska Vet 2

DR DEE: ALASKA VET is back on Animal Planet with an all new series premiering this September. As one of the most successful veterinarians in Alaska, it is not uncommon for Dr. Dee Thornell’s daily patient roster to include reindeer, moose, ducks, bears and pigs.

Photo for Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet 3

Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet 3

Program info coming soon.

Photo for DR. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet

DR. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet

program info to follow

Photo for Dugong and Din

Dugong and Din

On a distant island near Borneo an eight year old boy called Din keeps an incredible secret. He has forged a friendship with one of the rarest and shyest creatures in the ocean, a Dugong. The dugong is a large marine mammal which, together with the manatees, is one of four living species of the order Sirenia.


Photo for Escape to Chimp Eden 2

Escape to Chimp Eden 2

Last year, Animal Planet introduced viewers to South African chimpanzee rescuer Eugene Cussons - defender, champion and guardian to abused, neglected and exploited chimps throughout remote and war-torn African regions.

Photo for Expedition Borneo

Expedition Borneo

Running down the spine of central Borneo is a chain of steep mountains, deep gorges and high plateaux. Protected from the outside world by this impenetrable terrain, the only people who survive in this wilderness are a few remote tribes.

Photo for Extraordinary Dogs

Extraordinary Dogs

Animal Planet welcomes, ‘Extraordinary Dogs' a new 13-part series which will explore the exceptional friendships and unbreakable bond between man and man's best friend.


Photo for Finding Bigfoot 2

Finding Bigfoot 2

Join four passionate investigators as they continue on their mission to find the elusive "creature" known as Bigfoot or the Sasquatch in the exciting new second series of ‘Finding Bigfoot’.

Photo for Finding Bigfoot 3A

Finding Bigfoot 3A

Hit series FINDING BIGFOOT returns with all-new episodes in which the Bigfoot Field Research Organisation (BFRO) president Matt Money-maker, researchers James "Bobo" Fay and Cliff Barackman and sceptical scientist Ranae Holland

Photo for Finding Bigfoot 4B

Finding Bigfoot 4B

Program info coming soon.

Photo for Finding Bigfoot 5

Finding Bigfoot 5

Program info coming soon.

Photo for From Wags To Riches

From Wags To Riches

Brand new series, FROM WAGS TO RICHES, follows the exploits of Bill Berloni, a Tony Award- winning theatrical animal trainer who has committed his life to rescuing dogs for the stage and screen.


Photo for Giant Pandas Go Wild

Giant Pandas Go Wild

program info to follow

Photo for Giant Pythons with Nigel Marven

Giant Pythons with Nigel Marven

Nigel Marven is a braver man than most. In this programme he investigates an influx of huge snakes into southern Florida. Tens of thousands of Burmese pythons are invading the sunny state and causing havoc.

Photo for Giant Squid: Caught on Camera

Giant Squid: Caught on Camera

The size of a bus with eyes as big as dinner plates and a tangle of tentacles covered with suckers, the giant squid has nourished legends and attracted human fascination since the ancient Greeks.

Photo for Give Me Shelter

Give Me Shelter

‘Animal Cops' combines with ‘From Underdog To Wonderdog' to tell the incredible story of the ‘no kill' Pet Helpers Animal Rescue Shelter in Charleston, South Carolina. ‘Give Me Shelter' is a show about compassion and courage in the face of callousness and casual cruelty inflicted to abandoned and mistreated animals.

Photo for Going Ape

Going Ape

Following on from a hugely successful first series, Going Ape is back. Viewers will have the chance to catch up with the frontline rescue workers as they continue their struggle to save orphaned apes at the Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund (CWAF), West Africa.

Photo for Gorilla School

Gorilla School

'Gorilla School' follows the remarkable story of the release of captive-born gorillas back into the wild. Some of these gorillas were abandoned by their mothers and have been rescued and hand-reared at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent, England, from a very young age.

Photo for Great Polar Bear Adventure, The

Great Polar Bear Adventure, The

The Great Polar Bear Adventure takes viewers into the secret life of some of the most majestic creatures in the world using revolutionary technology. Combining gripping arctic footage of polar bears with the incredible animation techniques, used in films such as Stuart Little and Walking with Dinosaurs creates an unforg…

Photo for Great White Invasion

Great White Invasion

Great white sharks, in ever-increasing numbers, are now being routinely sighted off some of the world's most popular beaches in California, Australia and South Africa.

Photo for Grizzly Uprising

Grizzly Uprising

program info to follow

Photo for Groomer Has It

Groomer Has It

Brand new to Animal Planet comes Groomer Has It. Presented by Jai Rodriguez (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) this fun and engaging competition sees a dozen of America’s best dog groomers shampoo, shave and shear their way through a series of challenges to determine who will win the cash prize of $50,000 and their very o…


Photo for Hillbilly Handfishin' 2

Hillbilly Handfishin' 2

Hillbilly Handfishin' returns with Skipper Bivins and Trent Jackson as they teach the people of America the most fascinating way to catch a fish; with your bare hands and feet, or 'Noodlin' as Skipper and Trent call it.

Photo for How sharks hunt

How sharks hunt

Shark experts Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury get up close and personal with two of world's deadliest sharks in How Sharks Hunt, finding out how these powerful creatures hunt down and kill their prey.

Photo for Human Prey 2

Human Prey 2

Human Prey presents a variety of bone-chilling attacks by some of world's deadliest predators. Dramatic re-enactments and interviews with the victims demonstrate the unpredictability of a wild or caged animal and how these events took a dramatic turn for the worst.

Photo for Hunt For The Tasmanian Tiger

Hunt For The Tasmanian Tiger

program info to follow


Photo for In Too Deep

In Too Deep

‘In Too Deep' is a light-hearted animal adventure programme that sees Jamie Crawford travelling through the world's harshest climates and terrains in search of the most intriguing animal adaptations.

Photo for It's Me Or The Dog 4

It's Me Or The Dog 4

From unruly hounds to pampered poodles, renowned British dog trainer Victoria Stilwell has seen them all. But with homes destroyed and marriages in trouble, it is not just the dogs that need help.


Photo for Jockeys


Animal Planet brings viewers into a world dominated by ferocious rivalries, fierce bonds and extraordinary risk as it documents the behind-the-scenes lives of jockeys and their magnificent racehorses. It is a world ruled by 112lb men on 1,200lb thoroughbreds, equipped with oversized personalities and big dreams.


Photo for K9 Cops

K9 Cops

Across the USA, K9 police squads are on the frontline of the fight against crime. The St Paul, Minnesota squad is the second oldest, one of the busiest, and arguably the most skilful in the USA. Their 21 dogs and handlers go into the most dangerous of situations – searching buildings and open areas, tracking suspects, r…

Photo for Karina: Wild On Safari

Karina: Wild On Safari

Meet Karina holmes: model come wild African Adventurer and join her as she embarks on a two month safari to Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Photo for Killer Animals

Killer Animals

Once upon a time, mankind lived in fear of ferocious beasts. Now we have dominated the planet, we think of ourselves as the primary predator. However, there are still places on earth where wild animals continue to remind us that we are not masters of our world and that sometimes, we are just breakfast.

Photo for Killer Crocs

Killer Crocs

They have the stealth of a fully trained SAS sniper, the underwater speed and agility of a cheater and the terrifying looks of a prehistoric monster. These factors combined make the crocodile one frightening and efficient killing machine.

Photo for Killer Elephants

Killer Elephants

Description to come

Photo for Killer Hippos

Killer Hippos

Killer Hippos - Programme description to come -

Photo for Killer Shark the Attacks of Black December

Killer Shark the Attacks of Black December

The story of a summer in south Africa in 1957 when the balance of nature was tipped with a spate of shark attacks that devastated a community.


Photo for L.A Taskforce

L.A Taskforce

Premiering as part of Animal Planet’s ‘Heroes’ season, ‘L.A. Taskforce’ follows the women of the of the Los Angeles Animal Welfare Team.

Photo for Last Lion of Liuwa, The

Last Lion of Liuwa, The

In a Pride Weekend premiere, Animal Planet travels to the spectacular and remote Liuwa plain to meet The Last Lion of Liuwa: the last remaining lioness on the plain, the sole survivor of a senseless massacre that took the rest of her pride.

Photo for The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect

program info to follow.

Photo for Leopard Fight Club

Leopard Fight Club

info to follow

Photo for Leopard To Become King

Leopard To Become King

info to follow

No Image Available


Packed with excitement, revelation and entertainment, this breath-taking ten-part blockbuster brings you 130 incredible stories from the frontiers of the natural world.

Photo for Life After Chernobyl

Life After Chernobyl

Thirty years after the worst nuclear catastrophe in history, which sent a plume of highly radioactive fallout exploding into the atmosphere - 100 times the combined radiation emission from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.

Photo for Life At Vet U

Life At Vet U

LIFE AT VET U follows the lives of six veterinary students during the most crucial, final weeks at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine.

Photo for Lion Queens Of India

Lion Queens Of India

program info to follow

Photo for Lions Of Crocodile River

Lions Of Crocodile River

Follow the story of a pride of lions in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia. The pride was always protected by two huge lions, but in the wet season of 2000, they both died, leaving a younger male lion to take charge.

Photo for Lone Star Law 2

Lone Star Law 2

Program info coming soon.

Photo for Lone Star Laws

Lone Star Laws

Brand new series, LONE STAR LAW, shows that everything is bigger in Texas, including the job of Texas Game Wardens who protect the Lone Star State's natural resources and police its 27 million citizens.


Photo for Man, Cheetah, Wild

Man, Cheetah, Wild

Program info to come...

Photo for Man-Eating Super Croc

Man-Eating Super Croc

A team of hunters risk their lives to capture the gigantic man eating crocodile that is terrorising a village in the Philippines. But is there an even bigger monster out there?

Photo for Man-eating Super Squid

Man-eating Super Squid

In, ‘Man-Eating Super Squid’, discover the legend of the kraken which lurks in the dark, and may be headed for our shores.

Photo for Man-eating Zombie Cats

Man-eating Zombie Cats

Info to follow

Photo for Meet The Orangutans

Meet The Orangutans

Meet the Orangutans is a window into the extraordinary daily drama of the world's oldest Orangutan Sanctuary. From babies being bottle-fed and wearing nappies, to teenagers being taught how to climb trees, and wounded Orangutans arriving at the sanctuary needing urgent veterinary care, there is never a dull moment.

Photo for Meet The Penguins

Meet The Penguins

Program info coming soon.

Photo for Mermaids: The Body Found

Mermaids: The Body Found

Could there be some element of truth behind the legend of the mythical mermaid?

Photo for Mermaids: The New Evidence

Mermaids: The New Evidence

‘Mermaids: The New Evidence’, examines the startling, never-before-seen video evidence of aquatic hominids that has come forward since the documentary Mermaids: The Body Found first aired in 2012.

Photo for Miami Animal Police

Miami Animal Police

Miami Animal Police

Photo for Monkey Life 7

Monkey Life 7

Follow the team and animals of Monkey World in a brand-new series of Monkey Life .

Photo for Monsters Inside Me 5

Monsters Inside Me 5

info to follow

Photo for Monsters Inside Me 6

Monsters Inside Me 6

program info to follow

Photo for Moose Attack

Moose Attack

Towering at over seven feet and weighing in at almost a ton, the moose is one of the largest land animals in North America. For hundreds of years, they have fought off nature's most viscous predators, but these giants of the North Woods are now at odds with a new foe: humans.

Photo for Mountain Monsters 1B

Mountain Monsters 1B

program info to follow

Photo for Mountain Monsters 2

Mountain Monsters 2

All new episodes of MOUNTAIN MONSTERS return to Animal Planet this month. For generations, the Appalachian Mountains have had more sightings of mysterious creatures than anywhere else in the United States. The new series investigates the legendary Chupacabra, known as the West Virginia Vampire

Photo for Must Love Cats

Must Love Cats

MUST LOVE CATS is a celebration of fascinating felines and the fascinating people who love them. From cats that saved their owners' lives to swanky cat-only hotels, the series spans the realm of all things "cat.

Photo for My Cat From Hell - Series 3

My Cat From Hell - Series 3

My Cat From Hell is back with another season of devilish cats that are threatening to tear their owner's relationships apart.

Photo for My Cat From Hell 6

My Cat From Hell 6

Cat behaviourist, Jackson Galaxy, returns for a new season of MY CAT FROM HELL to take on the most catastrophic cat cases anyone has ever encountered. For the first time, Galaxy is taking his cat-listening skills on the road to New York City, the city that never sleeps.

Photo for My Cat From Hell 7

My Cat From Hell 7

Program info coming soon.

Photo for My Cat From Hell 8

My Cat From Hell 8

Program info coming soon.


Photo for Pet Nation Renovation

Pet Nation Renovation

The PET NATION RENOVATION team of experts go above and beyond to improve the lives of hundreds of animals by renovating the run down, dreary shelters they live in. Hosted by animal expert and trainer, Dave Salmoni, and featuring the renovation experts from Project Pawsitive, this team is not afraid to get stuck in...

Photo for Pet Passport

Pet Passport

This intriguing series tells the stories of the UK’s jet set pets, following the hundreds of journeys taken by hundreds of animals each year whether by land, air or sea. Mike and Jean Parrish set up Par Air in Essex, in 1947. This specialised company transports animals all over the world and endeavours to make the six m…

Photo for Pets 101

Pets 101

Pets 101 is an encyclopaedia of all your favourite pets.

No Image Available

Pit Bulls & Parolees 5

Pit Bulls & Parolees is back by popular demand for a new series as it continues to follows the turbulent drama and bittersweet moments as ex-convicts and ill-reputed dogs come together to strengthen one another

Photo for Pit Bulls and Parolees 5

Pit Bulls and Parolees 5

Programme information coming soon.

Photo for Pitbulls and Parolees 4

Pitbulls and Parolees 4

info to follow

Photo for Planet Wild

Planet Wild

No program description available.

Photo for Project Grizzly

Project Grizzly

Brand new to Animal Planet in November, PROJECT GRIZZLY follows Jeff ‘The Bear Man’ Watson and the incredible journey he takes with his two rescued bears, Bob and Screech, as he attempts to return them to the wild.

Photo for Puppies and Kittens

Puppies and Kittens

This one-off special provides a remarkable new look at some of your most familiar friends.


Photo for Rat Busters NYC

Rat Busters NYC

The rats of NYC are taking no mercy as they force the residents of the city out of their homes, making them their own. This series takes viewers inside the world of an elusive and remarkable animal.

Photo for Rattlesnake Republic

Rattlesnake Republic

The Rattlesnake Republic follows the lives and adventures of four teams of brave rattlesnake wranglers as they battle to make a living.

Photo for Rattlesnake Republic 3

Rattlesnake Republic 3

Programme info to follow

Photo for The Real Lion Queen

The Real Lion Queen

info to follow

Photo for Redwood Kings

Redwood Kings

Uncover the artistry that goes into turning ancient reclaimed redwood trees into hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, creative works of art in brand new unique series REDWOOD KINGS. Twin brothers and tree titans, Ron and John Daniels, work side-by-side at the family run business: Daniels Wood Land.

Photo for Restoration Wild

Restoration Wild

program info to follow

Photo for River Monsters 3

River Monsters 3

Extreme angler Jeremy Wade returns for another season as he continues on his worldwide mission to locate deadly freshwater fish, in ‘River Monsters'.

Photo for Rugged Justice

Rugged Justice

info to follow

Photo for Rugged Justice 3

Rugged Justice 3

RUGGED JUSTICE follows Washington State's Department of Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Program as they police the Evergreen State's unforgiving mountain terrains, twisted rainforest back roads and densely populated coastal areas.

Photo for Running with Reindeer

Running with Reindeer

This unique one-off looks at the Sami people who base their seasonal movements around the natural migrations of reindeer herds. This ancient connection goes back thousands of years. Wildlife conservationist Saba Douglas-Hamilton joins the Sami people for an adventure of a lifetime, as she takes part in the 'reindeer rou…


Photo for Safari Park

Safari Park

From the efforts of world-renowned scientists attempting a breeding programme using the park’s extremely rare white tigers to the lengths staff have to go to care for the newly born arrivals, ‘Safari Park’ features a host of stories about creatures great, and small.

Photo for Safari Vet School

Safari Vet School

In ‘Safari Vet School' the brightest young vet students from around the world take on the ultimate test as they are plunged into the African wilderness for a crash hands-on course in animal conservation.

Photo for Saving Africa's Giants with Yao Ming

Saving Africa's Giants with Yao Ming

World basketball and NBA star Yao Ming travels to Africa to take on the biggest battle of his life - the ivory poaching epidemic. Since wealth has flooded into Yao Ming's home nation, an emerging Chinese middle class desires the same carved ivory ornaments as their upper class counterparts.

Photo for Seal Wars

Seal Wars

programme info to follow

Photo for Secret Creatures of Jao

Secret Creatures of Jao

Every year the Okavango Delta in Botswana is inundated by the summer floods, isolating small islands of lush vegetation amongst a shimmering expanse of fresh water. Stranded on one of these islands, called Jao, are a troop of mongooses named the Banded Brothers. After the brutal death of their leader, the troop set out …

Photo for Serial Killer: Tiger At Large

Serial Killer: Tiger At Large

program info to follow

Photo for Seven Deadly Strikes

Seven Deadly Strikes

Seven Deadly Strikes

Photo for Shark City

Shark City

In ‘Shark City' we get up close and personal with a handful of sharks in the Bahamas.

Photo for Shark Week's Impossible Shots

Shark Week's Impossible Shots

In the fascinating premiere of ‘Shark Week's Impossible Shots', a team of wildlife cameramen head to Gaansbaii, South Africa in the hope of capturing a Great White shark's Polaris breach from a never-before-seen angle.

Photo for Sharks!


March on Animal Planet brings together some of the most diverse and exciting shark programming highlighting all the facets of this mysterious and deadly predator.

Photo for Sharkzilla


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Shark Week, Animal Planet is resurrecting the largest shark to ever swim in our oceans: the megalodon.

Photo for Sheriff Of Cross River

Sheriff Of Cross River

SHERIFF OF CROSS RIVER follows conservationist and animal lover, Peter Jenkins, on his journey to protect the species that inhabit Cross River, the main river in south-eastern Nigeria. The series follows Jenkins and his team, as they go to any means necessary to ward off poachers and fishermen, stop humans polluting etc.

Photo for The Skunk Whisperer

The Skunk Whisperer

Are wild animals encroaching on your domestic bliss? Do you have rodents in your bedroom or bats in your attic? If so, Ned Bruha and his crew are the experts to call.

Photo for Snake Sheila

Snake Sheila

Program info to follow

Photo for Snakeskin


Come face-to-face with a snake in your kitchen? Been bitten by a venomous creature? Lose your 14-foot python? The Clarks have seen it all. If you live in Georgia and call 911, chances are good you'll be directed to Jason; and he, Sarah, or Dad will respond within an hour.

Photo for Speed of Life

Speed of Life

‘Speed of Life' recognises that much of nature functions much faster or slower, lighter or darker, larger or smaller than can be appreciated with the naked eye.

Photo for Surviving the Drought

Surviving the Drought

Surviving the Drought visits the Ruaha National Park in the south of Tanzania where, because of scorching heat and severe droughts, the animals are locked in a life-or-death struggle to find the water to survive

Photo for Swamp Monsters

Swamp Monsters

SWAMP MONSTERS follows the B.E.A.S.T. (the Bayou Enforcement Agency on Supernatural Threats) crew as they dedicate themselves to tracking down, proving the existence, and eliminating the threat posed by strange creatures.. In the first episode, deep in the heart of the swamplands of Louisiana, Elliot Guidry and his team

Photo for Swamp Wars

Swamp Wars

SWAMP WARS follows the Venom One team - an elite group of specially trained fire fighter and paramedics within Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

Photo for Swarm Chasers

Swarm Chasers

SWARM CHASERS explores a phenomenon that can turn even the most innocuous creatures into killers - the instinct to swarm. In this action-packed series, hosts Steve and Greg discover what it takes to transform organisms into ferocious and deadly mobs

Photo for Swarmageddon


program info to follow


Photo for Talk To The Animals 2

Talk To The Animals 2

Join host Nicky Buckley and veterinarian Dr. Chris Brown for the exciting new second series of ‘Talk to the Animals'.

Photo for Tanked S6a

Tanked S6a

TANKED returns with all new episodes as the latest series sees high profile clients including American rapper, Tyga, gold-legend, Bubba Watson and three-time NBA All-Star, Paul George!

Photo for Texas Vets

Texas Vets

program info to follow

Photo for Tigerfish: Africa's Piranah

Tigerfish: Africa's Piranah

program info to follow

Photo for Tigress Blood

Tigress Blood

info to follow

Photo for Too Cute 2

Too Cute 2

Info to follow

Photo for Top 10 Predators

Top 10 Predators

Top 10 Predators

Photo for Treehouse Masters 3

Treehouse Masters 3

‘Tree whisperer’, Pete Nelson, is back with a brand new challenge in all new episodes of TREEHOUSE MASTERS, as he attempts to build the ultimate private escapes for those with a passion to reconnect with nature and awaken their inner child. Pete designs multi-bedroom dream tree houses complete with functional plumbing

No Image Available

Treehouse Masters 3B

program info to follow

Photo for Treehouse Masters S3

Treehouse Masters S3

Program info to follow

Photo for Treetop Cat Rescue

Treetop Cat Rescue

Program info to follow

No Image Available

Turtleman's Kentucky

From the black bear of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the east, to the blood-sucking lamprey in the mud of the mighty Mississippi to the west, this is Turtleman’s Kentucky from top to tail - and more wild than you ever imagined!


Photo for Untamed & Uncut 2

Untamed & Uncut 2

Back with a thrilling new series, Untamed & Uncut takes viewers up close and personal even more of the most incredible animal encounters ever caught on camera.


Photo for The Vet Life

The Vet Life

Program info to follow

Photo for Vet School 2

Vet School 2

Vet School 2

No Image Available

Village Pets

Programme description to come

Photo for Village Vets

Village Vets

VILLAGE VETS follows the exploits of James and Anthony who have been friends since their first day of university. Now they are both vets, co-running a practice in a small rural Australian town where


Photo for Wild Deep

Wild Deep

Our Earth is a world of water covered by over three quarters of sea and ocean but what lies beneath we have yet to discover.

Photo for Wild Iberia

Wild Iberia

program info to follow

Photo for Wild India

Wild India

Program info coming soon.

Photo for Wild Mexico

Wild Mexico

program info to follow

Photo for Wildest Arctic

Wildest Arctic

Wildest Arctic is a four part series that explores one of the most beautiful, unique and incredible habitats in the world. With deserts of ice, lands lost to darkness and places of fire and ice, each episode looks at how wildlife survive and nature adapts in these extreme conditions.

Photo for Wildest India

Wildest India

Animal Planet takes viewers on an exotic journey through India, from the epic Himalayan Mountains, down the mighty River Ganges, and across to the lost world of the North East, to explore its iconic wildlife, secret locations and grand terrains.

Photo for Wildest Islands Of Indonesia

Wildest Islands Of Indonesia

The WILDEST ISLANDS OF INDONESIA showcase the beautiful Indonesian islands that remain a wild paradise of giant flowers and coral gardens, of dragons, tigers, giant apes and glorious birds of paradise. Fifteen percent of the entire world’s species are found in this unique region.

Photo for Wildest Latin America

Wildest Latin America

Animal Planet embarks on a thrilling exploration of the breath-taking South American continent in brand new series Wildest Latin America.

Photo for Wildest Middle East

Wildest Middle East

Brand new to Animal Planet, WILDEST MIDDLE EAST explores the most remote and most surprising corners of this ancient land. Turkey's vast and varied landscapes range from snow covered mountain passes, to spectacular coral reefs.

Photo for Wildlife At The Zoo

Wildlife At The Zoo

Animal Planet's, exciting new documentary series Wild Life At The Zoo profiles the fascinating world of the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, which is home to over 2600 animals living on 28 hectares.

Photo for Woodfellas


program info to follow


Photo for Yankee Jungle

Yankee Jungle

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Photo for Yankee Jungle 2

Yankee Jungle 2

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Photo for The Zoo

The Zoo

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Photo for The Zoo 5

The Zoo 5

This fascinating series for animal lovers of all ages gives an incredible glimpse into life behind the scenes at Dublin Zoo. Following the dedicated men and women who take care of the 600 plus exotic animals who live there

Photo for The Zoo 6

The Zoo 6

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