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Giant Pythons with Nigel Marven

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Nigel Marven is a braver man than most. In this programme he investigates an influx of huge snakes into southern Florida. Tens of thousands of Burmese pythons are invading the sunny state and causing havoc. These are a far cry from your average grass snake. They can grow up to seven feet long, be as thick as a telegraph pole and are capable of devouring alligators and cougars whole! These are not things you want slithering about when you're enjoying your holiday. With the potential to spawn up to one hundred baby snakelets every year, the pythons' spread is a serious concern. Nigel respectfully observes the beast, coming face-to-fang with the largest specimen ever seen in the USA, and showing viewers the awesome sight of a python attack slowed down by two hundred times. But he's also there to ask if this slippery creature is only just beginning its advance into Florida.