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Human Prey 2

Premieres Wednesdays from 20th July, 9.00pm

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Human Prey presents a variety of bone-chilling attacks by some of world's deadliest predators. Dramatic re-enactments and interviews with the victims demonstrate the unpredictability of a wild or caged animal and how these events took a dramatic turn for the worst. The first episode focuses on river killers and features an Australian policeman whose snorkelling trip turned into a bloody battle for his life when he was dragged under by a 12-foot saltwater crocodile; and, a Zambezi River safari guide who was savagely attacked by an aggressive hippopotamus intent on defending its turf.  Later episodes in the series feature killer cats and dogs, and the story of a suburban Virginia man was mowing the lawn one Sunday afternoon only to be repeatedly attacked by a rabid coyote, and killer sharks including While diving for shellfish off Cape Howe, an Australian man ends up inside the jaws of a Great White shark.  These are just some of the harrowing stories featured in the series; relive the experience as the people who were attacked tell their tales.