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Moose Attack

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Towering at over seven feet and weighing in at almost a ton, the moose is one of the largest land animals in North America. For hundreds of years, they have fought off nature's most viscous predators, but these giants of the North Woods are now at odds with a new foe: humans. In this unique one-hour feature, witness what happens when these usually mild creatures are provoked or feel threatened on MOOSE ATTACK!.

Moose, known as elk in Europe, are the largest members of the deer family though their intimidating size belies a generally passive demeanour. These magnificent creatures have the largest antlers, and these uniquely-shaped antlers may measure up to six feet wide and weigh up to 70 pounds. A male moose's antlers are formidable weapons, but its first line of defense against predators is its sharp hooves, which the moose will kick out to fend off wolves, Grizzlies and other predators.

The number of moose attacks spikes in September and October during mating season and the early spring when mothers are protecting their young calves. Moose often do not confront people unless they are provoked. However when it charges, it unleashes a sort of mayhem you would not want to be caught in. As towns and cities expand into moose habitat, these powerful creatures cannot help but come into conflict with people - often with deadly results. Find out what happens and the pandemonium it causes when a moose wanders out of the wilderness and into the human territories. Hear from trained wildlife biologists and experts on what to do - or not to do - when a moose attacks; learn from firsthand experience of those who have come under siege on MOOSE ATTACK!.