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Pet Passport

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This intriguing series tells the stories of the UK’s jet set pets, following the hundreds of journeys taken by hundreds of animals each year whether by land, air or sea. Mike and Jean Parrish set up Par Air in Essex, in 1947. This specialised company transports animals all over the world and endeavours to make the six month quarantine period as comfortable as possible for both pet and owner.

Pet passport joins the Par Air team as they face the daily trials and tribulations of saying goodbye to the animals they’ve looked after for six months, as well as ensuring they have a smooth transition to their new homes. The series begins with Par Air’s leader Mike battling to ensure that two King Charles Spaniels get transported to their new home in Australia after being stranded at Heathrow airport for almost a week. Viewers will also have the chance to witness the team hard at work as they organise a huge shipment of 21 animals to the airport. With the highs, comes the lows as later in the series Manager, Rachel must say goodbye to her favourite quarantined dog, Neapolitan Mastiff, Peggy. Pet Passport offers real human emotion, humour, jeopardy – following the world of jet set pets.