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Secret Creatures of Jao

UK Premiere Series, Wednesdays from 25th November, 8.00pm & 8.30pm

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Every year the Okavango Delta in Botswana is inundated by the summer floods, isolating small islands of lush vegetation amongst a shimmering expanse of fresh water. Stranded on one of these islands, called Jao, are a troop of mongooses named the Banded Brothers. After the brutal death of their leader, the troop set out on an epic journey in search of a new home.

The series follows their voyage through this unique landscape and their encounters with other animals trying to survive, such as Kobe the cheeky otter, a prickly family known as the Quills, and the timid yet territorial serval, Amara. See their attempts to outsmart the bloodthirsty predators who live in the delta, such as Skaal the python, Makeda the leopard and Mansa the cold-blooded crocodile. Can the Banded Brothers make it safely to another home as the seasons change and the fight for survival becomes increasingly difficult?