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March on Animal Planet brings together some of the most diverse and exciting shark programming highlighting all the facets of this mysterious and deadly predator. It beings with Shark Attack Rescuers (4th March, 8pm) which visits the worlds most popular but dangerous beaches to meet the intrepid individuals who rescue people from shark attacks, and who are often as traumatized as the victims they save. hey Hunting Us? (4th March, 9pm) which sees Animal Behaviour authority Dave Salmoni as he tries to determine whether sharks have developed a taste for human flesh. Then Shark Attack: A Boy's Fight To Survive (18th March, 9pm) tells the amazing story of young Texan Aaron Perez who survived due to something he saw on the Discovery Channel the day before he was attacked. And in Shark Man: The Story Behind Jaws (25th March, 9pm) we meet South African diver Michael Rutzen as free dives with Great White Sharks; he's developed a way to communicate with these awesome killing-machines to the point he can take a ride with one holding its dorsal fin.