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In Too Deep

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Be it the ice-cold Arctic or a barren mountain peak, suffocating swampland or scorched desert, animal life survives in the harshest environments - and we're on a mission to find out how. ‘In Too Deep' is a light-hearted animal adventure programme that sees Jamie Crawford travelling through the world's harshest climates and terrains in search of the most intriguing animal adaptations. How does a fog basking beetle find water in the driest deserts? How does an ibex keep its footing on perilously craggy mountain peaks? How does a sea otter keep warm in the frozen waters of the Arctic Circle? This fascinating series focuses on a highly visual comparison between man and animal that highlights the brilliance of evolution's adaptations, demonstrated through the frailties of the human body. Our presenter really will be "In Too Deep", struggling physically and mentally with the challenges of the wild while trying to visually demonstrate amazing animal capabilities with quirky homemade devices.