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Untamed & Uncut 2

Premieres Saturdays from 14th May, 9.00pm

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Back with a thrilling new series, Untamed & Uncut takes viewers up close and personal even more of the most incredible animal encounters ever caught on camera. From a 50-ton humpback whale who slams its tail into an ocean cinematographer; a wildlife photographer who ventures too close to a leopard, paying the price; the tourists who watch as feeding time goes disastrously wrong for one handler at the Arkansas Alligator farm; a dream wedding that becomes a nightmare when a horse drawn carriage flips backwards, crashing onto the bride and her grandfather, and  a rodeo cowboy who is turned into a human helicopter by a bull.  Featuring ground-breaking computer graphics, the series also reveals the truth about these creatures and meets some of the people whose lives have been changed forever by a deadly animal encounter.