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Vet School 2


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Vet School is back as Animal Planet returns to Edinburgh’s Royal School of Veterinary Studies to follow the work and lives of the vets and students. The school is an institute renowned for its considerate treatment, ground-breaking procedure and techniques with all kinds of animals - domestic, wild or agricultural. There are operations on creatures ranging from mice to monkeys, and viewers can follow the tears and tension, of the worried owners and devoted keepers, who hope and pray that the vets can work their professional magic on these amazing animals. In the Exotic Wildlife Clinic, the vets and students deal with snakes, lizards and assorted creepy crawlies, some of the more unusual care that the Vet School provides... Each enthralling episode allows viewers to see the behind the scenes drama of a working vet school and experience the difficulties that vets, students and owners face when a beloved animal needs serious help. The series also follows a number of vets at the school and documents how far these professionals go on a day-to-day basis to do all they can for the animals under their care.