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Wildlife At The Zoo

UK PREMIERE SERIES Sundays from 10th June, 7.00pm

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Animal Planet's, exciting new documentary series Wild Life At The Zoo profiles the fascinating world of the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, which is home to over 2600 animals living on 28 hectares. The series will not only tell stories of Taronga's charismatic animals, but explore the intimate bond that exists between animals and their keepers. The series kicks off with the culmination of one of the zoo's most ambitious ever projects, the movement of 18 chimps into their new multimillion dollar sanctuary. There is a dramatic twist when the chimps are anaesthetised which sends the zoo on it's highest alert. A flurry of births including those of endangered Tasmanian devils will warm the hearts but also demonstrate the chalenges and importance of zoo based breeding programmes. In a rare event, viewers will witness cubs born to Taronga's sumatran tiger, a critically endangered species. The series also tracks difficult re-locations such as getting a giraffe to New Zealand.This gripping new factual series reveals the world of a zoo from a whole new perspective.