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Image from I Almost Got Away With It S8

I Almost Got Away With It S8

Premieres Sundays from 5th June, 10pm

In 2015, the Associated Press reported that there are more than 220 state prison escapees in the US who are listed as on the loose. This show isn't about them, but the criminals who went on the run and almost got away with it. No criminal wants to go to prison so some go on the run. Their stories may be different, bu...

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American Monster

Premieres Saturdays from 18th June, 10pm

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." Kevin Spacey, ‘The Usual Suspects’ On the outside, killers and kidnappers are very often extraordinarily ordinary, hiding in plain sight. The nice guy next door with the pretty wife and kids? Is he a secret killer? The ch...

Image for The Perfect Murder S3

The Perfect Murder S3

Premieres Wednesdays from 8th June, 11pm

Plotting the perfect murder isn't just a genre within the cinematic world but the real world too. Thankfully, committing the perfect murder isn't easy but these are the real life stories of people who came deadly close: ingenious killers - every detective's worst nightmare. Take the case of the husband who claimed hi...

Image for Ghost Asylum 3

Ghost Asylum 3

Things going bump in the night this June on Investigation Discovery include gargoyles, demons and tortured Confederate soldiers. That's because America's most passionate paranormal team, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, are back in season 3 of Ghost Asylum, part of Paranormal Mondays on Investigation Discovery. In this...

Image for Disappeared S7

Disappeared S7

Premieres Wednesdays from 4th May, 10pm

At any given moment, there are as many as 90,000 missing persons in the U.S.* Disappeared follows the unpredictable twists and turns of real life missing person cases, tracking investigations aimed at solving how and why people simply vanish.  A riveting and compelling series, Disappeared serves as an outlet fo...

Image for I'd Kill For You S3

I'd Kill For You S3

Premieres Fridays from 27th May, 10pm

How far would you go for the person you love? Would you lie for them, die for them...or even kill for them? I'd Kill For You lifts the lid on unbelievable crimes in which someone's love, loyalty or devotion is chosen over another's life. Each episode of this ten part series tells the story of an ill-fated relati...

Image for Scorned: Crimes Of Passion 5

Scorned: Crimes Of Passion 5

Premieres Fridays from 27th May, 11pm

Mike and Elizabeth Turpin are the perfect couple. But when Elizabeth meets a mysterious woman with a disturbing secret she finds herself plunged into an out of control world of casual sex, drugs, steamy lesbian affairs, and ultimately, a shocking murder. That’s just one of the true tales uncovered in Scorned: C...

Image for Copycat Killers

Copycat Killers

Premieres Thursdays from 21st April, 10pm

"Movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative." Scream, written by Kevin Williamson This fascinating new series chronicles the previously untold real-life copycat crimes and criminals inspired by blockbuster movies and TV shows, such as Scream, Fatal Attraction, Natural Born Killers, Hannibal and He...

Image for Hostage: Deadly Demands

Hostage: Deadly Demands

Premieres Saturdays from 9th April, 10pm

Every 60 minutes a person within the United States will be taken hostage. That’s a phenomenal 8,760 hostages a year. Of those 8,760, some will escape and some will turn up unharmed. Others will never be heard from again. However, a growing number of American hostages will face a more uncertain fate – as un...

Image for Evil Online

Evil Online

Premieres Fridays from 15th April, 11pm

It's believed that as many as one in ten online profiles is fake and more than $50 million is stolen every year in romance scams, according to the FBI. In the 21st century world, we're increasingly living our lives online - unaware of the risks that can lie ahead. Looking for friendship, love, sex or business op...

Image for Murder Comes To Town S3

Murder Comes To Town S3

Premieres Fridays from 25th March, 10pm

Small towns are synonymous with the simple life: peaceful, quaint and care-free. This is the show about the towns that have become notorious for something far darker: murder. Take Piedmont, Alabama, where a young single mother went missing on the eve of Halloween in 2009. As the fourth missing person in a town of les...

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True Nightmares

Premieres Fridays from 4th March, 11pm

"The scary part is that there's a possibility that this could happen to you." True Nightmares host, Todd Robbins. These true-life tales are far stranger than our worst nightmares. Each spine-tingling episode reveals that sometimes our fears aren't figments of our imagination after all.  Like a modern day Alfred...

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Deadly Woman S9

Premieres Sundays from 13th March, 10pm

What turns love affairs into fatal attractions? They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Deadly Women investigates why, uncovering the motives and modus operandi of history’s most intriguing and horrifying female murderers. While male killers are often driven by anger and impulse, women usually have mo...

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