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Image from Faking It: Tears of a crime

Faking It: Tears of a crime

Premieres Fridays from 6th January, 10pm

These criminals not only thought they'd got away with it, but used the nationalpress and media to portray themselves as grieving victims.Whether thrust into the limelight or fame hungry a!ention seekers, they all sharedone thing: their public deception led to their demise. The signs were in front of us,but how do you sp…

Image for The Coroner: I Speak For The Dead 2

The Coroner: I Speak For The Dead 2

They say everybody has a story to tell. Graham Hetrick knows everybody has a story. It's his job to listen. The child of an undertaker, Graham grew up in a funeral home. For him, being around dead bodies is a normal part of life. For the last 25 years, Graham has been the Coroner of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. He hand…

Image for American Monster 2

American Monster 2

American Monster goes beyond the scene of the crime, and directly into the lives of some of America’s most shocking murderers. Hiding in plain sight, never-before-seen home footage looks directly into the eyes of killer enjoying normal, family life… but every family has its secrets. A fascinating combinatio…

Image for The 1980's The Deadliest Decade

The 1980's The Deadliest Decade

Premieres November 29th, 11pm

It's the great age of big money, big a$itude, and big hair. But there's a dark sideto the 1980's. America is consumed by greed and raw ambition -- along with its biggest crimewave ever. They say money is the root of all evil... and the 80's had plenty ofboth. Now, Investigation Discovery transports viewers on a bi$ersw…

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