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Image from British Police Murdered on Duty

British Police Murdered on Duty

Premieres November 8th, 10pm

Presented by Rav Wilding, the show commemorates brave police officersmurdered in the line of duty.The series tells the stories of the most high-profile police murders of thepast 50 years, including the infamous Shepherd’s Bush murders, DaleCregan’s murder of PC Nicola Hughes and PC Fiona Bones and themurde...

Image for Deadline Crime With Tamron Hall 4

Deadline Crime With Tamron Hall 4

Premieres October 18 at 10pm

News magazine show "Deadline: Crime" features Today Show host and MSNBC news anchor Tamron Hall, who walks viewers step-by-step through a series of riveting and heart-wrenching murder investigations.   With her up close and personal interview style and strong investigative background, Tamron Hall challenges exp...

Image for The 1980's The Deadliest Decade

The 1980's The Deadliest Decade

Premieres November 29th, 11pm

It's the great age of big money, big a$itude, and big hair. But there's a dark sideto the 1980's. America is consumed by greed and raw ambition -- along with its biggest crimewave ever. They say money is the root of all evil... and the 80's had plenty ofboth. Now, Investigation Discovery transports viewers on a bi$er...

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