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Image from Steven Avery: Innocent or Guilty?

Steven Avery: Innocent or Guilty?

Premieres Saturday 30th January, 10pm

On the heels of the hit Netflix series “Making a Murderer,” which delves into the controversial Steven Avery case,  Investigation Discovery, the UK’s number one real-life crime channel, will premiere Steven Avery: Innocent or Guilty?  The ID Special, hosted by broadcast journalist Keith Mor...

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True Nightmares

Premieres Fridays from 4th March, 11pm

"The scary part is that there's a possibility that this could happen to you." True Nightmares host, Todd Robbins. These true-life tales are far stranger than our worst nightmares. Each spine-tingling episode reveals that sometimes our fears aren't figments of our imagination after all.  Like a modern day Alfred...

Image for Murder Comes To Town S3

Murder Comes To Town S3

Premieres Fridays from 25th March, 10pm

Small towns are synonymous with the simple life: peaceful, quaint and care-free. This is the show about the towns that have become notorious for something far darker: murder. Take Piedmont, Alabama, where a young single mother went missing on the eve of Halloween in 2009. As the fourth missing person in a town of les...

Image for Momsters: When Moms Go Bad S2

Momsters: When Moms Go Bad S2

Premieres Tuesdays from 16th February, 9pm

Mother knows best. Eat your vegetables, no swimming right after you eat, all good advice meant to keep kids safe and healthy whether they like it or not. But what happens on those rare occasions when a mum doesn't know best and she goes off the deep end? That's the tantalising premise at the heart of Momsters: When M...

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Evil Lives Here

Premieres Fridays from 12th February, 10pm

What if the person closest to you were a devil in disguise? Would you see the signs? Evil Lives Here tells the true, heart-stopping stories of people who shared a home with a killer. Including the British case of serial killer, Peter Tobin who kept his young wife Cathy under lock and key. Cathy recounts their nightmar...

Image for Deadly Women 9

Deadly Women 9

program info to follow

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Killer Confessions

Premieres Wednesdays 3rd February, 10pm

When you're face to face with a killer every flicker, every pulse, every twitch could be the key to getting them to reveal everything. This February, Investigation Discovery gives viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of America's interrogation rooms to see how the most strong-willed detectives are able to get cold-blo...

Image for Judge Jeanine Pirro

Judge Jeanine Pirro

Premieres Mondays from 4th January, 6pm

During her first ten years as District Attorney, Judge Jeanine Pirro reduced violent crime in Westchester by 30%. She has since brought more than 100 paedophiles and child pornographers to justice, a 100% conviction rate.  In 1997, People magazine named her as one of its 50 Most Beautiful People. And this J...

Image for Your Worst Nightmare S2

Your Worst Nightmare S2

Premieres Sundays from 3rd January, 10pm

In 1987, two Massachusetts teens tried to conjure up the spirit of their recently deceased mother at a seance.  Things were never the same again.  One night when the girls heard something, their father searched the house.  What he found was so terrifying the family left the state of Massachusetts altoge...

Image for Forbidden: Dying For Love

Forbidden: Dying For Love

Premieres Fridays from 22nd January, 10pm

'But love is blind, and lovers cannot see what pretty follies they themselves commit.' The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare was right but unfortunately it's not just foolish acts that love can inspire, but murderous ones too. From the couple that breaks religious traditions for love, to the priest...

Image for Killer Instinct With Chris Hansen S1

Killer Instinct With Chris Hanse...

Premieres Tuesdays from 1st December, 10pm

"I thought nothing could shock me...until I went on the road looking into America's most horrific murders." Chris Hansen Killer Instinct is an enthralling new series that brings to life chilling and heart wrenching homicide cases, telling the tales of those who no longer can. In this ten part series, each episode, E...

Image for Tabloid With Jerry Springer 2

Tabloid With Jerry Springer 2

Premieres Saturdays from 21st November, 11pm

“Tabloid combines all the ingredients for a delicious guilty pleasure - notoriety, crime, revenge, and deception - what more could you want?!” Jerry Springer Tabloid brings to life the most bizarre and mind-blowing headlines featured in gossip magazines to reveal all of the horrific action, twists and tu...

Image for Swamp Murders 3

Swamp Murders 3

Premieres Wednesdays from 25th November, 10pm

Hot, humid swamps make great hiding places...for dead bodies. But in the end the truth will surface. Swamp Murders takes viewers into America's Deep South to discover the mysterious murders and despicable deeds hidden in the swamp's bottomless murk.  Each episode delves deep to chronicle a real life grisly murd...

Image for A Crime To Remember S3

A Crime To Remember S3

Premieres Fridays from 18th December, 10pm

Styles may come and go but unfortunately murder never goes out of fashion. The Emmy-award winning series, A Crime to Remember, returns to Investigation Discovery this December to profile more real life murder cases from yesteryear. In this three part series each episode inaugurates a high-end cinematic style to brin...

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