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Image from Suspicion


Premieres Thursdays from 5th November, 10pm

They say curiosity killed the cat but this show proves it can also solve crimes.  Suspicion reveals terrifying true tales of finding the truth. These journeys involve real people who suspected imminent danger and became fixated on discovering what happened. Emotional first-person interviews detail the endle...

Image for Swamp Murders 3

Swamp Murders 3

Premieres Wednesdays from 25th November, 10pm

Hot, humid swamps make great hiding places...for dead bodies. But in the end the truth will surface. Swamp Murders takes viewers into America's Deep South to discover the mysterious murders and despicable deeds hidden in the swamp's bottomless murk.  Each episode delves deep to chronicle a real life grisly murd...

Image for Whitey Bulger: The Making Of A Monster

Whitey Bulger: The Making Of A M...

Premieres Mondays from 9th November, 10pm

To his beachfront neighbours in Santa Monica, he was a kind old man who left milk on his doorstep for neighbourhood cats. But to the FBI, he was second only to Osama Bin Laden on their Most Wanted List. Whitey Bulger is one of the major crime figures in US history. He spent 16 years on the FBI's Most Wanted List as a...

Image for Tabloid With Jerry Springer 2

Tabloid With Jerry Springer 2

Premieres Saturdays from 21st November, 11pm

“Tabloid combines all the ingredients for a delicious guilty pleasure - notoriety, crime, revenge, and deception - what more could you want?!” Jerry Springer Tabloid brings to life the most bizarre and mind-blowing headlines featured in gossip magazines to reveal all of the horrific action, twists and tu...

Image for Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horrors

Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horrors

Premieres Saturdays from 31st October, 10pm

    "Expect violence, sex, and all the scandal and twists Investigation Discovery fans want to see." Joel Schumacher, Executive Producer      We've teamed up with iconic film director Joel Schumacher (The Lost Boys) to bring viewers Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horrors, a true life crime se...

Image for Nightmare Next Door S5

Nightmare Next Door S5

Premieres Fridays from 9th October, 10pm

How well do you know your neighbours? After watching this show, viewers will never look at them in the same way again. It's less 'love thy neighbour' and more 'slaughter thy neighbour'. When Denise Collins, an aspiring artist from Florida is found brutally attacked in her own apartment, could the boogeyman be terrori...

Image for Deadly Devotion S3

Deadly Devotion S3

Premieres Sundays from 25th October, 10pm

A spiritual retreat in the Arizona desert was meant to be a peaceful journey of reflection and meditation. At least, that was the plan. Instead, the journey became a disturbing saga of jealousy, betrayal, violence and secrets that would end in tragedy. Welcome to the hidden world of Deadly Devotion, a show that takes...

Image for Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer

Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer

Premieres Wednesday from 16th September, 10pm

“I don’t feel guilty for anything. I feel sorry for people who feel guilt.” Ted Bundy, serial killer of 30+ victims What are the tell-tale signs of a serial killer in the making? Inside The Mind of a Serial Killer reveals what makes them tick and uncovers the trademark signs for spotting murderers ...

Image for Evil Kin 3

Evil Kin 3

Premieres Fridays from 4th September, 11pm

Can you inherit evil? Could nature produce a natural born monster or does it take nurture to create a sadistic soul? Evil Kin follows true-crime mysteries surrounding cases that unlock the horror behind closed doors to answer these questions and prove that blood is always thicker than water. First-person accounts fr...

Image for Deadline Crime With Tamron Hall 3

Deadline Crime With Tamron Hall 3

Premieres Tuesdays from 22nd September, 10pm

Today show host Tamron Hall's older sister was a murder victim in a case that is still officially unsolved. Hall credits her personal experience for the drive she has to host this show. Deadline goes beyond the headlines of a series of riveting and heart wrenching murder investigations to find out not only what happe...

Image for Murder Behind Mansion Walls with Emma Samms

Murder Behind Mansion Walls with...

Premieres Fridays from 14th August, 10pm

Murder Behind Mansion Walls is the show that proves money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you homicide. Presented by Emma Samms from Dynasty, each episode unveils the true crimes that shook the inhabitants of millionaire's row to their very core. From oil tycoons to real estate moguls, when one of their kind ...

Image for Over My Dead Body

Over My Dead Body

Premieres Saturdays from 22nd August, 10pm & 10.30pm

    Sick psychopaths, masked intruders and knife-wielding car-jackers all feature in Over My Dead Body, a crime series of edge-of-your-seat tales that would be unbelievable had they not all actually happened. These action-packed true stories of women who fought back and lived to tell the tale offer viewe...

Image for Women In Prison

Women In Prison

Premieres Sundays from 9th August, 10pm

Women in Prison is a real life version of Orange is the New Black. This three part docu-series highlights how, like Piper in Orange Is The New Black, one tragic misstep can change your life forever. The shocking reality of this unseen and unknown world is often more interesting than even the most compelling fiction. ...

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