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Faking It: Tears of a crime, Series 2

Premieres Fridays from 18th August

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Drawing on the expertise of a body language expert, linguistics professor and a criminal psychologist, some of the most famous modern-day UK crime stories are forensically examined in this exclusive ID series. What signals did Ian Huntley betray on TV when he was trying to cover up the murders of Soham schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman? What verbal slip gave away Tracie Andrews, who falsely claimed her boyfriend had been killed in a road rage attack? And what were the tell-tale signs of guilt revealed in police interviews by Ian Stewart, who killed his partner, the best-selling author Helen Bailey? Plus, in a one-hour special from South Africa, the cries and screams of Oscar Pistorius as he stood in the dock, accused of murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.  Were his tears real or was he faking it? The gestures, stumbles, looks and mind-games that reveal the truth about some of the most controversial crime stories of our times.