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Image from Diana: Tragedy or Treason?

Diana: Tragedy or Treason?


It's the compelling story of a woman who captivated millions with her beauty and her down-to-earth charm, proving she was more than just the wife of a prince. She was both style and substance; a fashion icon, a humanitarian and a fiercely protective mother. She redefined what it meant to be royal - so much so that many …

Image for Counting On 2

Counting On 2

It's been a wedding whirlwind as Jinger and Jeremy have planned their wedding day in just a few months, and all of the final details are finally coming together as the big event draws near. Jinger and her bridesmaids have one last appointment with dress designer, Ms. Renee, to get their dresses altered and pinned. Findi…

Image for Long Lost Family US

Long Lost Family US


Long Lost Family US follows the highly emotional stories of people who are desperate to be reunited with people they feel an intense closeness to, but whom they've barely - if ever - met.  The series is hosted by Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner, who have both embarked on their own journeys to discover their …

Image for 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

Premiers Wednesdays from 30th August, 9pm

This is what happens before the 90 Days, when couples who have an existing relationship on-line, but have yet to see each other face-to-face. We follow their fascinating journey as they travel across the world to finally meet the person they have fallen in love with through a computer screen. This series exami…

Image for Hair Goddess

Hair Goddess

Premieres Tuesdays from 11th July, 9pm

Over the past decade, Christina, with her innate talent, superior extension technique and supernatural drive, has built up a sizable client base in her hometown of Staten Island. She's the owner of a small yet highly bedazzled salon that specialises in giving women’s hair the ultimate make-over. But Christina's no…