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Image from Katie Price's Pony Club

Katie Price's Pony Club

Six-part reality series to air this summer exclusively on...

The only way is equine for Katie Price as she saddles up with TLC for a brand new reality TV series to air this summer. KATIE PRICE’S PONY CLUB sees the TV personality and entrepreneur create a pony club team like no other. Comprising her eight year old daughter Princess, ten year old son Junior and four of...

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Single Dad Seeking

Premieres Tuesdays from 7th June, 9pm

There are 24 million single parent families in America but households run by single men are extremely rare. Single Dad Seeking follows five dedicated dads searching to find not only the love of their lives, but a woman willing to love their children. Enter five women seeking a happily ever after with a responsible, c...

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OutDaughtered: Busby Quints

Premieres Mondays from 27th June, 9pm

In April 2015, the Busby family from Texas went from a family of three to eight overnight. A team of 12 doctors took less than four minutes to deliver the first set of all-girl quintuplets in the US, and the first globally since 1969. For years, Adam and Danielle Busby struggled to have a baby. Their prayers were ans...

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Gypsy Brides US S5

Premieres Wednesdays from 8th June, 9pm

Jacy is at war with her daughter, Tuter, a rock chick Goth, over a black wedding dress - "I'm not going to be a mini her". After a row at the fitting they reach an uneasy compromise but how will Jacy react to Tuter's dream décor for the ceremony: skulls and cobwebs? Welcome back to the world of Gypsy Brides, t...

Image for Heartbeat


Premieres Fridays from 29th April, 9pm

TLC, the UK’s fastest growing pay TV entertainment channel for women, has acquired the exclusive UK premiere rights to hotly anticipated US medical drama, Heartbeat from NBCUniversal International Distribution. The 10-part show, which is based on the real life and achievements of cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Kath...

Image for Two In A Million

Two In A Million

Premieres Thursdays from 28th April, 9pm

What if you were born with one of the rarest medical disorders in the world? That's the reality faced by the people featured in Two in a Million. Each episode of this six part series focuses on someone with a rare diagnosis that has fascinated doctors as they search for someone else in the world going through the sam...

Image for The Little Couple 8

The Little Couple 8

Premieres Mondays from 2nd May, 8pm

"Between both adoptions taking place, Jennifer's cancer and my back surgery and all this other crap we've dealt with, it's been a remarkable journey so far." Bill This May, The Little Couple's remarkable journey continues as Season 8 of the hugely popular show returns with all new episodes. Bill Klein, Jen...

Image for Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss S2

Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss S2

Premieres Fridays from 13th May, 8pm

The average American woman is a US size 14. The average wedding dress samples range from US size 8-12. * Needless to say, if you’re a plus-size bride-to-be searching for a dream dress, the odds aren’t stacked in your favour – particularly if you’re a voluptuous forty-six G cup. Luckily, help i...

Image for Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

Premieres Wednesdays from 20th April, 10pm

What is an S&M breakfast? What's life like in a US prison bootcamp? Is death really the end? These are just some of the questions Irish model, presenter and winner of Bear Grylls: Mission Survive, Vogue Williams, addresses in this provocative series of documentaries, which sees Vogue search some of the world's tou...

Image for Say Yes To The Dress: Canada

Say Yes To The Dress: Canada

Premieres Fridays from 11th March, 8pm

Fans of the Say Yes To The Dress franchise know that no matter where the show is set - New York or Atlanta - they can always expect a succession of strong-willed brides on the hunt for their ideal wedding gown. So it’s safe to say the tasty ingredients of Say Yes To The Dress: Canada includes a generous sprinkl...

Image for Married By Mum And Dad

Married By Mum And Dad

Premieres Wednesdays from 23rd March, 8.00pm

Four single men and women are giving up on dating to try something extraordinary. They’ve asked their parents to pick their spouse and set up a voluntary arranged marriage. But the question is: do mum and dad know best? This brand new, eight part series captures the entire vetting process as John, Christina, Mi...