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Image from Say Yes To The Dress: Canada

Say Yes To The Dress: Canada

Premieres Fridays from 11th March, 8pm

Fans of the Say Yes To The Dress franchise know that no matter where the show is set - New York or Atlanta - they can always expect a succession of strong-willed brides on the hunt for their ideal wedding gown. So it’s safe to say the tasty ingredients of Say Yes To The Dress: Canada includes a generous sprinkl...

Image for Married By Mum And Dad

Married By Mum And Dad

Premieres Wednesdays from 23rd March, 8.00pm

Four single men and women are giving up on dating to try something extraordinary. They’ve asked their parents to pick their spouse and set up a voluntary arranged marriage. But the question is: do mum and dad know best? This brand new, eight part series captures the entire vetting process as John, Christina, Mi...

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Separated at Birth

Premieres Wednesdays from 9th March, 9pm

When Sophie's daughter was 10, Sophie did a DNA test to prove the father was who she claimed. The results were startling. Not only was he not the father, she wasn't the mother. Sophie's baby had been switched at birth. Separated At Birth follows the very real and very raw dramas as empowered characters like Sophie jo...

Image for My Extreme Excess Skin

My Extreme Excess Skin

Premieres Thursdays from 4th February, 10pm

Imagine losing hundreds of pounds of weight only to find your body drowning in excess skin. That's the prospect facing those featured in My Extreme Excess Skin, new to TLC this February. Brand new six-part series My Extreme Excess Skin joins 12 individuals who have lost extreme amounts of weight - from gastric bypass...

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7 Little Johnstons S2

Premieres Mondays from 7th March, 8pm

They describe themselves as "the real life seven dwarves" so it's no wonder their Twitter username is @thetrue7dwarfs  The second season of the 7 Little Johnstons returns this March to TLC. Regular viewers will recall that the Johnstons from rural Georgia, USA, are the largest known family of Achondroplastic dw...

Image for My 600lb Life S4

My 600lb Life S4

'Watching @600poundlife and it's heart breaking plus motivation to lead a healthy life'  @PrincessJoa11 According to a recent study, gastric bypass surgery in the UK has risen 530% in just six years. My 600LB Life features the real life stories of morbidly obese individuals who have reached the point of no retur...

Image for Too Ugly for Love? S2

Too Ugly for Love? S2

Premieres Wednesday 13th January, 9pm

First dates can be awkward and uncomfortable at the best of times – but what happens when you have to reveal a hidden medical condition to a potential partner? Season Two of Too Ugly for Love?  Follows 12 singletons who are all living with incurable or long-term medical conditions and looking for that...

Image for 90 Day Fiancé S3

90 Day Fiancé S3

Premieres Wednesday 6th January, 8pm

Six foreigners are entering the US on fiancé visas.  They have just 90 days to get married or leave the country.  This fascinating reality series follows them through the ups and downs of the 90 life-changing days that prove love works in mysterious ways. This season, the six engaged couples include ...

Image for Long Island Medium 6B

Long Island Medium 6B

Premieres Tuesdays from 23rd February, 9pm

Her favourite movie is Pretty Woman, she drinks a minimum of six cups of coffee each day, and her favourite food is a good cheeseburger but without the bun or fries. Oh, and she also speaks to dead people but still has to "sleep with the night-light." Season 6 of Long Island Medium kicks off this February packed full...

Image for Cake Boss 8

Cake Boss 8

Premieres Fridays from 5th February, 9pm

Until the 15th century, the English word 'cake' meant a flat, round loaf of bread. Luckily for viewers, that description couldn't be further removed from the fantastic creations on show in Cake Boss Season 8! We're talking a pirate cake, including a 3D whale and sea serpent, a sand castle cake, a haunted house cake, ...

Image for Mr Congeniality

Mr Congeniality

Premieres Tuesdays from 12th January, 8pm & 8.30pm

"You walked in like you've had diarrhoea for four weeks and your butt hurt." Bill Alverson, to a beauty pageant contestant Meet Mr Congeniality, aka Bill Alverson, a successful lawyer and pageant coach. This unscripted comedy follows loveable Bill as he navigates his intense professional life with his hilarious ...

Image for Kate Plus 8 S4

Kate Plus 8 S4

Premieres Mondays from 4th January, 9pm

"Ours has always been the realest reality show that's out there." Kate Gosselin Kate and her super-sized brood of eight children - [deep breath] Cara, Madelyn, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel - plus pets including a bird and a dog are back on TLC this January, with some of their 'realest' moments so far....

Image for Our Little Family S2

Our Little Family S2

Premieres Mondays from 4th January, 8pm

"We're just like everyone else...just smaller" Michelle Hamill All five members of the Our Little Family clan have achondroplasia, an extremely rare form of dwarfism that is believed to only affect around one in 25,000 people.  But that doesn't stop them tackling the challenges that all families face with great ...

Image for Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta S7

Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta S7

Premieres Fridays from 8th January, 8pm & 8.30pm

Monica is keen on cleavage. Her mother? Not so much, "All you could see was boobs. I really don't want all that hanging out." That's just a snapshot of the familial fallings out in store when we return for a new series of Southern charm and unforgettable gowns at Bridal's by Lori, the largest full service bridal salo...

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Whitney: Fat Girl Dancing S2B

Premieres Tuesdays from 5th January, 9pm & 9.30pm

'"When someone tells you, you can't be fat and happy that is a lie." Whitney Series two returns to TLC this January and Whitney is as whip-smart funny, open and kind as ever.  Unmissable moments of heart and humour from the new episodes include Whitney taking her No Body Shame (No BS) campaign to the next level,...