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Image from Say Yes To The Dress UK

Say Yes To The Dress UK

Premieres Fridays from 12th August, 9pm

"Every girl has a dress for them. My job is to make sure they get the right dress." David Emanuel In 1981, David and his then wife Elizabeth designed possibly the world's most iconic wedding dress for Princess Diana. And now, David is about to make dress design dreams come true for a procession of brides-to-be in the...

Image for Katie Price's Pony Club

Katie Price's Pony Club

Premieres Thursdays from 18th August, 9pm

She's had two stints in the I'm A Celebrity jungle and won Celebrity Big Brother but can Katie Price conquer the elitist world of pony clubs?  Katie Price's Pony Club follows Katie as she creates a pony club team like no other with her eight-year-old daughter, Princess, ten-year-old son, Junior, and four of thei...

Image for Undressed


Premieres Fridays from 15th July, 10pm

Is it possible to fall in love with a complete stranger? In 30 minutes? Whilst undressed? Undressed is a brand new dating show that accelerates intimacy and explores the accepted rules of attraction.  The bold new innovative and experimental show sees two perfect strangers undress each other and climb into bed o...

Image for Devious Maids S4

Devious Maids S4

Premieres Thursdays from 21st July, 10pm

"You are the meanest person I ever met and I worked on Desperate Housewives." Peri, played by Eva Longoria TLC will be airing more dirty laundry with designer price tags this summer as executive producer Eva Longoria makes a special appearance in Devious Maids Season 4. The former Desperate Housewives star joins as ...

Image for Mistresses US 4

Mistresses US 4

Premieres Wednesdays from 13th July, 10pm

Based on the hit UK television series of the same name, “Mistresses” returns and the provocative and thrilling drama continues. At the end of season 3, Wilson, dressed up to look like Calista, held Joss at gunpoint and Calista looked set to commit suicide after confessing to killing her cheating husband Lu...

Image for My Giant Life S2

My Giant Life S2

Premieres Tuesdays from 2nd August, 9pm

"I'm six foot eight. My wife Julie is five two so I'm about a foot and a half taller than her." Katja Katja is just one of the new faces featured in the new season of My Giant Life. Having met Julie online and confirmed that Katja’s height wasn't a typo, the couple wants to start a family so begin the hunt for ...

Image for Sweet 15: Quinceañera

Sweet 15: Quinceañera

Premieres Wednesday 10th August, 9pm

"I am on a budget but I don't want her to look like a fruitcake." Welcome to the world of Quinceanera. In Latin tradition, when a girl turns 15 she officially becomes a woman. It's the biggest day in the young girls' lives and their parents go all out to ensure the elaborate celebration is exactly what the young...

Image for I Am Jazz S2

I Am Jazz S2

Premieres Mondays from 1st August, 9pm

“I have a girl brain but a boy body. This is called transgender. I was born this way!” Jazz Jazz Jennings is the unofficial face of America's transgender youth. This summer, she returns to TLC to share her unique perspective of life as a transgender teen in all new season 2. Jazz was assigned male a...

Image for Little People Big World 11B

Little People Big World 11B

Premieres Mondays from 11th July, 8pm

Little People, Big World chronicles the lives of Matt and Amy Roloff, a couple who are both a little more than 4-feet tall. After 27 years' together their future is uncertain, is divorce on the horizon? In the midst of their marriage woes, there is also lots to celebrate as son Zach, who is also a little person, marr...

Image for Single Dad Seeking

Single Dad Seeking

Premieres Tuesdays from 7th June, 9pm

There are 24 million single parent families in America but households run by single men are extremely rare. Single Dad Seeking follows five dedicated dads searching to find not only the love of their lives, but a woman willing to love their children. Enter five women seeking a happily ever after with a responsible, c...

Image for OutDaughtered: Busby Quints

OutDaughtered: Busby Quints

Premieres Mondays from 27th June, 9pm

In April 2015, the Busby family from Texas went from a family of three to eight overnight. A team of 12 doctors took less than four minutes to deliver the first set of all-girl quintuplets in the US, and the first globally since 1969. For years, Adam and Danielle Busby struggled to have a baby. Their prayers were ans...

Image for Gypsy Brides US S5

Gypsy Brides US S5

Premieres Wednesdays from 8th June, 9pm

Jacy is at war with her daughter, Tuter, a rock chick Goth, over a black wedding dress - "I'm not going to be a mini her". After a row at the fitting they reach an uneasy compromise but how will Jacy react to Tuter's dream décor for the ceremony: skulls and cobwebs? Welcome back to the world of Gypsy Brides, t...