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Image from First Heartbeat

First Heartbeat

Premieres Thursday 15th October, 10pm

"Suddenly, you're not pregnant any more yet everything in your life has changed." Lisa Francesca Nand As many as one-in-four pregnancies ends in miscarriage and yet it still remains a taboo subject. In this intimate, self-shot documentary Lisa, a freelance TV producer and presenter, and David Kirk challenge that tabo...

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Sweet 15: Quinceañera

Premieres Tuesdays from 17th November, 8pm

"I am on a budget but I don't want her to look like a fruitcake." Welcome to the world of Quinceanera. In Latin tradition, when a girl turns 15 she officially becomes a woman. It's the biggest day in the young girls' lives and their parents go all out to ensure the elaborate celebration is exactly what the young...

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Jodie Marsh Is Making Babies, Is...

Premieres Thursdays from 5th November, 11pm

Revenge porn, the baby making industry and benefits are hot topics and all coming to TLC this November. Yes, Jodie Marsh is back with more edgy, inspiring and eye-opening documentaries. The average age for a first time mother in the UK is 30 but at 36, Jodie's biological clock is ticking louder and louder. So she inv...

Image for Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Premieres Mondays from 2nd November, 8pm

Achondroplasia is a rare form of dwarfism that affects approximately 1 in 25,000 people, including Dan and Michelle Hamill and their three children, Jack and twin girls Cece and Cate. Growing up in an average-sized world isn't easy admits Michelle, "It's not going to adapt to me. I have to figure out how to adapt to t...

Image for I'm Having Their Baby -  Series 2

I'm Having Their Baby - Series 2

0 0 1 125 714 Discovery Communications 5 1 838 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-GB JA X-NONE This gripping docu-series follows mums-t...

Image for Sex Sent Me To The ER 2B

Sex Sent Me To The ER 2B

Premieres Tuesdays from 10th November, 10pm

The show that prompts viewers to shout at the screen "Why? What happened?" is returning to TLC this November with more eye-watering real life tales of sex-capades gone wrong. Love might make the world go round but it can also leave your head spinning. In this eight part series this show reveals true-life tales of fri...

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Suddenly Royal

Premieres Wednesday from 11th November, 8pm

The Isle of Man measures just 221 square miles and is home to 84,497 people. Oh, and it's about to get a new King. Imagine researching your family history online only to discover you've got blue blood. That's what's happened to All-American auto repair advisor, David Howe. Little did he know when he embarked on a tri...

Image for My Strange Addiction 6

My Strange Addiction 6

Premieres Thursdays from 26th November, 10pm

"It's nasty, it's disgusting, but she loves it and I love her, so therefore I just have to deal with it.” Ricky, whose fiancé Evelyn drinks 20 cans of air freshener a week. Which is the same amount an average hotel uses. Welcome of the world of strange pleasures, weird obsessions and fascinating real lif...

Image for My Giant Life

My Giant Life

Premieres Tuesdays from 6th October, 10pm

The average woman is 5 feet 3 inches tall. Source: Office for National Statistics  The women featured in My Giant Life are anything but average. In fact, at 6 ft 6 inches and above, they're literally head and shoulders above the norm. TLC viewers will see the world from a different perspective in this revealing...

Image for Cake Boss 7B

Cake Boss 7B

Premieres Fridays from 9th October, 9pm

Oprah, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have all sampled the Cake Boss's culinary delights. And this October, TLC viewers' taste buds will be tingling too, when the show returns with all new episodes. For the uninitiated, Buddy Valastro, is a fourth-generation Italian-American baker who is all about "family and cake".&nb...

Image for Whitney: Fat Girl Dancing 2

Whitney: Fat Girl Dancing 2

Premieres Tuesdays from 29th September, 9pm

"I honestly love the way that I look. I look at myself naked all the time and I'm like, all right, sister, that's what it is." Whitney  TLC viewers love watching Whitney too, which is why we're proud to bring series 2 to UK shores. Needless to say, Whitney's as whip-smart funny, open and kind as ever. ...

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The Day I Almost Died

Premieres Thursdays from 15th October, 9pm

Nine out of ten people won’t survive shooting themselves through the heart with a nail gun. This show is about the one in ten who do. The Day I Almost Died uncovers death-defying true stories about ordinary people who’ve beaten the odds to survive extraordinary, self-inflicted accidents. Can you imagine ...

Image for Long Island Medium 6

Long Island Medium 6

Premieres Fridays from 5th October, 6pm

"I like to think of myself as a typical Long Island mum. But I have a very special gift. I talk to the dead." Theresa Caputo This October sees the return of everyone's favourite medium. Theresa is outgoing, charismatic and, as fans of the show will know, when it comes to all things spiritual, she's always dead on. As...

Image for I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant Again

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant Again

Premieres Mondays from 28th September, 9pm

"There's something coming out of me!" With those words, Tawanda became a mother in the back of a cab on the way home from a club. Cut to 13 years later, Tawanda is at a friend's barbecue when she starts feeling those familiar pains again. "I just thought, 'This cannot be happening to me again,'" says Tawanda. Spoiler ...

Image for Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta 6

Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta 6

Premieres Fridays from 11th September, 8pm

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta brings Southern charm to a familiar series. Lori Allen, the owner of Bridals by Lori where the show is filmed, says that her favourite brides are "Brides who are harder to fit because...I like a challenge." Which is just as well, as there are a lot of challenges in store for Lori, Mo...

Image for Devious Maids 3

Devious Maids 3

Premieres July 22 at 10pm

Devious Maids is set in a world where murder and mayhem collide in the mansions of Beverly Hills' wealthiest and most powerful families. Class warfare has never been as fun and dirty as it is in the tony enclave where the staff is as clever, witty and downright as devilish as their employers. Season three picks up at...

Image for Body Bizarre (Season 3)

Body Bizarre (Season 3)

Premieres Thursdays from 6th August, 9pm

  TLC is about to take viewers on a new voyage of discovery unlike any other, as Series 3 debuts with more incredible tales of the world's most extraordinary people.     An American girl, born with her brain protruding from her head, receives life-saving surgery. An Indian baby is born with an e...

Image for Mistresses US 3

Mistresses US 3

Premieres Wednesdays from 12th August, 9pm

Runaway bride? Check. Jilted lovers? Check. Complicated love lives? Check. Scorching hot drama? Check. Yes, the girls are back and ready to bring closure to last series' cliff hangers such as what is Karen's mysterious illness and just how will they write out Alyssa Milano's character now she's left the show? Ther...