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Image from Say Yes To The Dress UK

Say Yes To The Dress UK

Premieres Fridays from 12th August, 9pm

"Every girl has a dress for them. My job is to make sure they get the right dress." David Emanuel In 1981, David and his then wife Elizabeth designed possibly the world's most iconic wedding dress for Princess Diana. And now, David is about to make dress design dreams come true for a procession of brides-to-be in the...

Image for Katie Price's Pony Club

Katie Price's Pony Club

Premieres Thursdays from 18th August, 9pm

She's had two stints in the I'm A Celebrity jungle and won Celebrity Big Brother but can Katie Price conquer the elitist world of pony clubs?  Katie Price's Pony Club follows Katie as she creates a pony club team like no other with her eight-year-old daughter, Princess, ten-year-old son, Junior, and four of thei...

Image for Undressed


Premieres Fridays from 15th July, 10pm

Is it possible to fall in love with a complete stranger? In 30 minutes? Whilst undressed? Undressed is a brand new dating show that accelerates intimacy and explores the accepted rules of attraction.  The bold new innovative and experimental show sees two perfect strangers undress each other and climb into bed o...

Image for Jodie Marsh Goes Hunting

Jodie Marsh Goes Hunting

Premieres Tuesday 13th September, at 10pm

What happened when renowned animal lover Jodie Marsh met infamous female game hunter Rachel Carrie? Find out this September on TLC as Jodie investigates the world of domestic hunting to question whether the British hunting establishment has any place in modern society. Initially, Jodie hates the sound of Rachel and ...

Image for Jodie Marsh Gets Locked Up

Jodie Marsh Gets Locked Up

Premieres Tuesday 20th September at 10pm

Jodie Marsh spent 72 hours in Dallas County Jail, to meet the women who call prison 'home'. Under the watchful eye of her guard and guide, Officer Freeman, Jodie is given no-holds-barred access. At every turn, Jodie has her preconceived ideas challenged about who these women are and what got them there. From the e...

Image for Toddlers and Tiaras

Toddlers and Tiaras

Premieres Tuesdays from 27th September, 9pm

Celebrities like Halle Berry, Sharon Stone and Oprah Winfrey got their start on the pageant stage. So who knows which future Oscar-winners and billionaire-moguls-in-the-making will feature in season 2 of Toddlers and Tiaras. The show promises to have more glitter, glamour and drama than ever before, as we re-enter th...

Image for I Am Jazz S2

I Am Jazz S2

Premieres Mondays from 1st August, 9pm

“I have a girl brain but a boy body. This is called transgender. I was born this way!” Jazz Jazz Jennings is the unofficial face of America's transgender youth. This summer, she returns to TLC to share her unique perspective of life as a transgender teen in all new season 2. Jazz was assigned male a...

Image for Body Bizarre 4

Body Bizarre 4

Premieres Thursdays from 29th September, 9pm

From a man with a tumour bigger than his head to a boy who has a third arm, Body Bizarre Season 4 gives viewers never-before-seen access to previously unknown and bizarre medical stories. This season features nearly 50 new stories of medical anomalies and the people who are defying the odds against these rare medi...

Image for My Extraordinary Pregnancy

My Extraordinary Pregnancy

Premieres Mondays from 26th September, 9pm

My Extraordinary Pregnancy explores what it's like to be pregnant in extreme situations. Last season's astonishing women included a blind mum-to-me, a body-builder, and a woman allergic to her own babies, but this time, our mothers’ stories will be more intimate and extraordinary than ever before. Season 2 fo...