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Image from Say Yes To The Dress Series 2

Say Yes To The Dress Series 2

Premieres Fridays from 12th May, 9pm

Say Yes to the Dress UK is returning to TLC UK for a second series, set to followmore brides in search of their perfect dress, opinionated entourages, meddlingmums, plus a few famous faces and a royal surprise or two.Part bridal story, part fashion transformation, and part family therapy session,each episode chronicle...

Image for Curvy Brides Boutique

Curvy Brides Boutique

Premieres Fridays from 26th May, 8pm

Straight-talking, partners in fashion, Jo Cooke and Alison Law, are transforming weddingdress shopping for plus-size brides to be.Tucked away in rural Essex, the appointment-only Curvy Brides Boutique is a paradise for itsclients. With rails full of wedding dresses from size 16 to 40 ready to try on, Jo and Alison are...

Image for Nate And Jeremiah by Design

Nate And Jeremiah by Design

Premieres Wednesdays from 16th May, 9pm

Each week, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent will help a client whose money pitof a house has them on the brink of financial ruin and at each other's throats.Using their stylish taste and flare for home redesign and house renovation, theytransform a disaster into a dream home, and in the process, bring the clientback fro...

Image for Little People Big World 12

Little People Big World 12

Premieres Mondays from 15th May, 8pm

Ma# gets wheeled into the operating room for a dangerous spinal surgery in Los Angeles.With Zach there for moral support, the family waits to find out if Ma# will be alright and ifthe surgery will be a success. Ma# and Amy break new ground in their relationship; asneighbours and co-owners of Roloff Farms, they are for...

Image for Vogue Williams Investigates

Vogue Williams Investigates

Premieres Tuesdays from 13th June, 10pm

What lengths will people go to be ‘body beautiful’? That's just one of the questionsVogue Williams poses in this fascinating series of Investigates specials tacklingeverything from online trolling to extreme fitness.In each episode, Vogue tackles a different issue affecting her own MillennialGeneration. Th...