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Jodie Marsh Is Making Babies, Is Exposed Online & Is On Benefits

Premieres Thursdays from 5th November, 10pm

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Revenge porn, the baby making industry and benefits are hot topics and all coming to TLC this November. Yes, Jodie Marsh is back with more edgy, inspiring and eye-opening documentaries.

The average age for a first time mother in the UK is 30 but at 36, Jodie's biological clock is ticking louder and louder. So she investigates the booming multi-billion dollar baby making industry in Jodie Marsh is Making Babies, meeting a Dutch sperm donor who's fathered at least 105 children along the way.

10 years ago revenge porn barely existed. It's now estimated that there are tens of thousands revenge porn victims in the UK alone. In Jodie Marsh is Exposed Online, Jodie immerses herself in the virtual world to try and understand why revenge porn has become a very real thing. 

And in Jodie Marsh is on Benefits, Jodie challenges the nations’ - and her own - preconceptions about living in the benefits system in 2015 by meeting both serial claimers and scammers, and families living below the poverty line who are too proud to claim benefits.

Three ambitious, intimate and personal documentaries, exclusive to TLC.