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Jodie Marsh On... Women Who Pay For Sex and Drugs

Premieres Wednesday 18th and 25th March, 10.00pm

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Jodie Marsh is back on TLC this March with two brand new documentaries and this time she'll be exploring the growing phenomenon of women paying for pleasure and investigating the new generation of drugs; legal highs.

Jodie has been celibate for over four years and believes she doesn't need a man. But what of the time-poor women who don't have time for traditional dating and are willing to pay for some extra spice between the sheets? In Jodie Marsh On Women Who Pay For Sex (premieres 18th March) she'll meet male escorts, gigolos and the women who are forgoing dating and relationships for an evening with a professional lover. Will Jodie discover these women have the right idea when it comes to sex and men?  Can an escort really provide the ultimate boyfriend experience?

Today Chemists are designing legal highs faster that the law can ban them. It's the fastest growing drugs market in Britain, and a mounting global problem. As someone who has never touched drugs, Jodie wants to understand this world and its risks.  In Jodie Marsh On Drugs (premieres 25th March) she'll meet the users, chemist creator and sellers driving the explosion of so-called legal highs.