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Jewels of the World

Saturdays at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT

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Some of the world's most awe inspiring historical landmarks and unspoilt natural locations are revealed through immersive 3D. From mountain fortresses in the Swiss Alps and the untamed beauty of the New Zealand wilderness to ancient beacons of European civilization, Jewels of the World exposes some of the world's most stunning examples of natural wealth and culture. It follows the path of history and meets up with the present to bring alive the breathtaking splendour of Planet Earth and human achievement.



1               Fiordland

Hidden away at the bottom of the world is one of the most isolated places on Earth. New Zealand’s Fiordland sits at the Southern tip of the country and is an isolated refuge where humans are rare.  Here is a glimpse of the way the world once was.

2               Venice 

Venice has attracted visitors from around the world. The city stretches across more than 100 small islands that are connected by canals and gondolas.  For the first time in 3D, this capital of romance and history can be explored like never before.

3               Interlaken 

High up in the Swiss Alps and surrounded by spectacular scenery, is the town of Interlaken.  A 3D journey through this icy wonderland reveals some of the world’s best ski slopes, stunning mountain vistas and an alpine village nestled in between.

4               Santorini 

Santorini is an island of extremes.  It is a place of beauty, perched on top of a violent volcano.  Its earliest people inspired the legend of Atlantis and its white and blue cliff top houses have made their way into photo albums all across the world.

5               Rome 

Rome was once the heart of the world’s most powerful empire.  Today it is a living museum of our civilization and culture.   Everything from our architecture to our laws are Roman, and their origins are still on display in this ancient city.